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Gangster Mafia City of Crime

Gangster Mafia city of crime

Gangster Mafia City of Crime adalah Game Mobile Offline di mana kerjanya cuma ngerjain NPC. Ya, ngerjain NPC. Kita akan bermain di sebuah kota kecil di mana kita bisa melakukan apapun. Tidak ada misi yang bisa dikerjakan. Ukuran game ini kecil jadi wajar kalau sedikit fiturnya. Ada beberapa senjata yang bisa kamu gunakan untuk menghabisi para NPC. 

Nah kamu bisa nonton gameplay dulu sebelum download. 

Gangster Mafia City of Crime
Offline Mobile Game
Language: English
Size: 92,38MB

• Game Descriptions •

Play as a gangster in this open-world action-adventure game! Action Crime 2021!

Welcome to Gangster Mafia City of Crime, where the city never sleeps, nor the crime!

Are you ready to experience a gangster life in a city of crime? Gangster Mafia City of Crime puts the dark, intriguing, and ruthless world of the city’s street crimes on your phones. Be ready for a life full of dangers – gunfights, robberies, car thefts, cop pursuits, and other missions! 

Gangster Mafia City of Crime is a free online game where you are the Gangster trying to make your position in the city of crime. New quests with light notes of humor will help you to orientate on the streets and get some starting cash! Can you complete all the tasks? Killing, robbing, stealing, destroying things.
Drive stolen cars recklessly, shoot your enemies down and tear them apart with heavy artillery.

As a gangster defends multiple missions. Mafia underworlds enter into the world of freedom. So start missions against the fighting mafia, crime lord, and godfather. Continue to survive your journey as the real crime gangster heroes. All shooting gangsters fast and stop the grand wars, all street crimes now. Continue to play as an enthusiastic gun shooter.

Pick out one of the most compelling sniper guns to pave your way and become an American underworld gangster by defeating all other mafia criminals far behind in spreading crime germs to initiate gangster city action.

Game Features:
- Unique mixer of a shooter, punch game, and auto racing!
- Incredible 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls
- Tons of missions
- 5+ weapons and auto vehicles
- Amazing township environment
- Crime gangster Mafia and mob wars
- Real-life weapons and gangster cars

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