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Top Drift - Online Car Racing

Top drift - online car racing

Top Drift - Online Card Racing adalah Game Mobile Online untuk balapan mobil. Di sini kami harus drift. Karena dengan drift kamu bisa mengisi Nitro. Gunakan Nitro untuk menambah kecepatan mobilmu. Semakin sering kamu Drift, semakin sering kamu menggunakan Nitro. 

Ada banyak mobil yang dapat kamu beli dan gunakan. Belilah spare parts dan pasangkan ke mobilmu dengan begitu mobilmu akan semakin cepat dan mulus saat drift. 

Kamu bisa menonton Gameplay-nya terlebih dahulu. 

Top Drift - Online Car Racing
Online Mobile Game
Language: English
Size: 156MB

• Game Descriptions •

Top Drift - Online Car Racing is the ultimate multiplayer car racing game.

Become a legend of the speed in this realistic online game. Drift your car around the most exciting tracks in the world and beat other players.

The ultimate driving experience

Enjoy next-gen realistic graphics and driving physics in the most advanced drifting simulator engine. Live PvP challenges that will take your drifting skills to a new level.

Multiplayer speed

From the mountain to the city, beat other drifters in day and night locations.

Unlimited modifications and tuning

Choose some wheels, get a turbo and burn the asphalt! Paint your car, customize the rims... enjoy lots of customization options! Drive legendary performance cars from every location of the world and feel the action of those epic touge battles from Tokyo.

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