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Battle Seven Kingdoms

Battle seven kingdom gameplay

Battle Seven Kingdoms is a Classic War Strategy Mobile Game where you need to manage your resource and use it to summon your army. There are a lot of available characters you can get through gacha, get them and upgrade them as well. You can play this game in Offline Mode. Pretty simple but still a good game to kill time. 

Battle seven kingdom

Game Description :

The best defense game upgraded based on Kingdom Wars. Save the kingdom!

Simple game play! Features growth and strategy!

A new story continued from the Kingdom Wars saga.

Various characters and stages are available

Game features

  • Various stages such as infinite mode and scenario mode
  • Over 100 unique units
  • Various skins according to the character's level
  • Get hidden treasures in each stage and activate various bonus options
  • Strategic and unique play using 3 boost items and defense facilities
  • Effective combat through 3 modes such as Attack, Defense and Retreat

Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Battle Seven Kingdoms
Free to Play
Login Support : Google Play
Genre : Strategy
Require Internet : Offline
Language : English
Size : 153 MB

Click the buttons below to download according to your device. 

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