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Battlefield Mobile Confirmed?

Battlefield mobile

Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of Dice, announced that there will be a mobile version of their popular game, Battlefield. They planned to release Battlefield Mobile next year which is 2022. As you know mobile games are a thing now, almost everyone plays mobile games. Simply because you can play them anywhere, anytime. Unlike PC or Console. 

But there is no information about what kind of game is Battlefield Mobile. Is it a Battle Royale or FPS game like Counter-Strike? Or there will be a story mode? Who knows. Battlefield Mobile is being developed by Industrial Toys. There was some report that they have been making this game for several years already. 

One thing for sure is they made it from zero. It is a good thing because it is not a poorly converted PC Game to Mobile. Since Smartphone is all about the touchscreen, they want to optimize that. One thing that caught my attention is they said Battlefield is all about "Skill-based experience". That means this game is most likely not a Pay to Win Game. Everything comes to your aim and gun mastery. 

More information will be released in a few months by them. So stay tune~

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