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Doula Continent: Reunion

Duola continent reunion

Doula Continent: Reunion is a MMORPG Online Mobile Game based on Manhua called Douluo Dalu. It is a Real-time Battle, so no action since your characters will attack by themselves. Gacha game since we need to collect other characters as well. 

The friendship of the Seven Shrek Monsters, the fantasy of having a martial spirit in your hand, all of them can be realized this time! Run wild on the vast continent of Douluo, brave the Star Dou Great Forest to hunt 100,000 years, or even a million years soul beasts! Thousands of soul rings randomly dropped, free absorption strategy combination, gorgeous soul skills fire a battle to seal the gods! Enroll in Shrek Academy, make friends with your seven monsters to grow together in adventure, so that your legend of invincibility on the Douluo Continent! You and I are Tang Clan, awakening in the world!


- Free to hunt soul beasts, absorb millions of years of soul rings

Highly restored star dou great forest, sunset forest, ice and fire two Yi eyes and other soul beast active scene, go to the soul beast scene, free to select the hunting target to attack to obtain soul ring, the real feel and the novel is different from the soul beast hunting experience, more soul beast sacrifice, millions of years of soul ring waiting for you to absorb!

- Strategy with soul ring, awaken the true strength of the martial soul

White, yellow, purple, black, red, different years, different colors of soul rings, contains a unique and powerful soul ring ability, free to match soul rings, light up the diversity of martial soul soul soul skills. Outbreak of brain strategy, flexible combination of soul rings, shaping their own fighting style, to achieve cross-level challenge powerful opponents, shrouded in the light of the protagonist!

- Super burning dazzling soul skills, enjoy high performance combat

Blue and silver cage, invincible golden body, seven precious glazed tower, ten thousand swords to the clan, six-winged angel and other hot-blooded soul techniques are presented in full, gorgeous special effects, huge aura, your every battle is so moving and exciting. Three combat perspective switch, to create immersive real 3D high performance high value exciting combat!

- Join Shrek Academy and meet your companions!

Welcome to Shrek Academy! Here, you will meet your destined companions, practice soul master theory class led by Yu Xiaogang, Flanders, Zhao Wuji and others, and rekindle the throbbing youth with your partners in Shrek Academy!

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Doula Continent: Reunion
Free to Play
Login Support : Guess Account / Chinese Number
Genre : MMORPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : Chinese
Size : 1,14GB

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