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King Of Another World

King of another world

King Of Another World is a Real Time Strategy RPG Online Mobile Game. With fellow heroes, lead your followers and take over the throne. Kingdom Striker is based on an Another World story about love and adventure.

It is a game that captures the process of meeting friends through adventures, growing together with colleagues, creating your own kingdom, and gradually expanding your powers. The keyword that drives the battle system is large-scale battle, 
and you will proceed in army battles with fellow heroes and followers as soldiers.

As the hero develops, battlefields become more vast and through the thrilling battles provided by optimized AI algorithms, you will be able to find that there is a unique element to the "Game Name" that cannot be found in existing games.

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

King Of Another World
Free to Play
Login Support : Guess Account
Genre : MMORPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : English
Size : 354MB

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