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One Piece Fighting Path CN

One piece fighting path

One Piece Fighting Path is a brand new genuine Voyager 3D action game, which restores a 3D immersive world of Voyager for players! It is an Online Mobile Game that just got Released in China, of course the language in in China. You can login using Guess Account but for Long-term Gameplay you need Real Name and Citizen of China which is meh. 

Anyway you can also freely explore the highly restored sea world, challenge sea beasts, collect treasure, trigger a variety of interesting eggs random events, and play your own fantasy nautical adventure! Brave seafarers, the rallying cry of the hot-blooded line has been sounded, let's set out for the great line!

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

One Piece Fighting Path
Free to Play
Login Support : Guess Account
Genre : RPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : China
Size : 3,74 GB

Click the button below to download 👇👇👇

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