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Ragnarok X Next Generation CBT

Ragnarok x next generation cbt

Ragnarok X Next Generation will open another CBT Test for 23 April - 8 May 2021 but it is limited once again. They will open about 30.000 slots. 10.000 for today pre-download and another 20.000 for tomorrow. But I suggest you to do it now. 

How to apply? Simply install it and patch it. And then log-in. You need to successfully Logged In. Use your Facebook, Gmail or whatever. Do it! If they somehow open the character creation right now, make a character because in the previous CBT you need to successfully created a character in order to join the CBT. 

Pre-download link




I don't know how many pre-download right now bur I already secured my spot. Good luck 🤞🤞

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