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Things You Need To Know About Angel Squad Before the Official Release

angel squad official release

Before I list down my impression of this game. Let me tell you some things that you need to know about Angel Squad. Angel Squad is an Anime Shooter Game for Mobile, it will available on Android and iOS later. But sad to hear that this game will be released only in Bahasa Indonesia, there is no English (well it is fine for me since I am Indonesian). But that will be not good news for you, English speaker players. 

Like I had mentioned above, this is an Anime Shooter Game but with a bit of RPG Mobile Game features. For example, we need to do the quest, clear stages, gacha, etc. Just like your typical RPG Mobile Game. But is a shooter game. Even though it will be in Indonesia Language, it should not a problem for you to play this game. If you want to watch the gameplay, you can watch it below.

Anyway, it looks fun to me. Can you imagine Waifu holds an assault rifle and shooting at those annoying robots? Awesome right? And yes, there is a lot of characters we can get and use in-game. Different characters have different weapons and abilities, so combine them to make a powerful team. You don't have to worry about aim since this game will help you will "Aim Assist", just tap, and enemies will be gone.

Angel Squad will be released on 9th June 2021 in Indonesia. There is no IP block so yes, you can download and play this game later. Why this game so popular in Indonesia? Besides being a good shooter game, Lyto as the publisher will give some giveaway to their players. You will have a chance to get Honda Satya Brio (car) and others prize that equal to 250 million Rupiah. It should be around $20.000 or so. All you need to do is register your email on their Official Website.

You will also get some freebie when the game got released.

  • 1x SSR PP-Bison (character)
  • 1x SR QBZ95 (character)
  • 500x Diamond
  • 2x Epic Tech Box
  • 1x Medium Ration
  • 1x Medium Ammo Box
  • 50.000 Gold
To be honest, during CBT, the control is a bit off and not smooth. I do hope that they will improve it. Or maybe they can add English so other country players can try this game as well. I recommended this game for you to play later. You don't have to worry about P2W kinds of stuff, it is doesn't matter. Shooting down aliens, robots, monsters, even humans can have a lot of fun.

So stay tuned, once this game got released I will provide the download link and APK for Android users.

Happy Shooting...

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