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CounterSide Beginners Guide

Counterside beginners guide

CounterSide will be officially released today for the SEA server. There are some things you need to know before you get into the game. In this Beginners Guide, I will cover as much as I can about this game. Where I get this information? You can visit this original Beginners Guide if you are curious. I will combine my experience and these informations to explain some things.

In case you don't know about this game yet, CounterSide is an Online RPG Real-time Strategy. They do have an Auto feature but you can still Manual play as it will maximize some characters' skills. So what about the best characters? Here you can find a Re-roll guide, character tier list, and also tips and guide. Let's get into it!

About reroll guide, looks like they change it. Once this game is officially released, I will find it out and make a video about it. So always check My Youtube Channel by Subscribing so you don't miss it. 

Gacha Guide For Free Characters

Before we get into this tier list. You need to know to gacha properly. There are some characters that you need to get because they are the best free characters you can get at early game. Follow these steps below carefully so you can get the best starters to carry you through the game. 

For your information, after doing the tutorials we will get free gacha that can be re-roll 30 times. And you will always get 1 SSR character, 3 SR characters, and 3 Rare characters, and 3 Normal Rarity characters. You are free to anything you want but if you want to be efficient, follow this guide.

  • For these 30 reroll free gacha, get SSR Kyle Wong. Why him? Because he can carry through the game easily. One of the best carry.
  • For SR, try to get Evelyn. She is a good healer. Or you can get Lin Xian, Sylvia, and Kim Sobin.
  • You might want to get Yang Harim from time-limited banner. The best support! 
  • For selector pick ticket, pick SSR Gaeun (you will get this after completing the tutorials)
You can use your Selective Summon to get Yang Harim. 

Characters Tier List

Counterside character tier list

I got this list also from this Guide so credit goes to the owner. If you look at the above picture. There is a tier list for some characters in this game. But it is not necessary to get everyone. You will notice the green outline of some characters. Those are the best characters you should get.

The one with white line, you will get her free. That is SSR Seo Yoon so don't gacha for her. Even though those are the best characters (green outline), no need to force yourself to get them. Get anyone you like especially your waifu. This tier list is for those who want to play this efficiently.

Beginner Tips

If you want to focus on playing this game, there some things that you need to know. First head to your inventory and activate the 10% EXP/Gold buff ticket. These buffs will last for a week. That is enough for you to leveling and farming resources. After that please complete the challenges as it will give a lot of resources.

You need to carefully level your characters. According to the original guide, the best way is to leveling 2 defenders class and the rest is an attacker (8 characters per line up FYI). This is why you need to look at the tier list to know which one you should invest in. 

These 8 characters will be split up into 2 line-ups. For raids, you need 24 characters. Since we need 8 characters per team. Split those 8 characters and fill the rest with filler characters. As progress, you will have enough characters to make your 3rd team. You can use the same characters for your other team but I think it is better to use different characters instead.

How about the best line-up? 2 defenders, 1 healer, and the rest is striker or ranger would be perfect. So look at your characters and try to mix them like this. You need to rush Main Story and Level 30. Because you can start Auto Farming at Chapter 4. That way you can get more Passive Stamina/Eternium.

You will always gacha and most of the time you will get low-tier characters. Keep the copies of your favorite characters and sell the rest. Or you can use them to level up. The same type will give more experience by 1,5 times when used as fodder. Passive stats will also increase when Limit Break/Star Up. 

In this game there are vehicles, and they will help you in battle. So which one is the best? Normandy Ship. Normandy is really good to have in PVE, you will also get Gleipnir as well later and combo it with Normandy Ship. Later we will get more SSR vehicle blueprints so you might look into them, which one fits your playstyle. 

Core? Cores are used to Limit Break. Use them to Limit Break all your favorite characters. You will get these cores from Daily Dungeon. The problem is this dungeon has a lot of Air Units so you need a character that can deal with them. For example Kyle. 

Equipment. Just use whatever you got. Just look at your characters, what they need the most. You can also craft Equipment but I do recommend you to craft accessories. Because based on people on the KR server, accessories are harder to get from missions. 

Quartz is the premium currency in this game. So the best way to use them is to get Blue Summoning Ticket. Try to refresh using gold for that. You can also use Quartz to buy Skin but do take note that Skin doesn't give additional stats at least in the KR server. 

I think that is for now. As I don't want to explain something I haven't experienced yet so more guides will be made later after the official released. What should we do every day after we limit our Main Quest? 

  1. Dispatch for resources in headquarters
  2. Finish all Daily dungeon
  3. Refresh Quartz shop for Blue Summoning Ticket
  4. Use stamina to clear special character stages
  5. Real-time PVP
  6. Daily PVP
  7. Use stamina to grind for resources
  8. Check daily missions and finish them all
Thanks for reading...

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