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CounterSide Redeem Codes May 2021

counterside redeem codes may 2021

Play CounterSide? Still, looking for some freebie? Then you might need these redeem codes. Do take note that these codes won't last forever so you better use this as soon as possible. What will you get from these codes? Free quartz, Eternium, Employment Contracts, Credits, Special Appraisal, and other in-game rewards.

CounterSide Redeem Codes :
  • SSVIP666 ( You will get x1 Employment Contract, x50k Credit, and x3 Special Appraisal)
  • GTCOUPON ( Exclusive rewards)
  • COUNTERSIDEYEAR ( Exclusive rewards)
How to use these codes?

Login your game
Open your Menu
Tap on 'Manage Account'
Tap on 'Enter Coupon'
Enter the codes above one by one
Tap 'OK'

This is a limited time code so use this as soon as possible before they expired. Want to support me? Bookmark my blog and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.. So you won't miss any of my newest content. Hope this helps you to make your progress faster.

Happy Grinding...

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