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What Happened To Diablo Immortal?

Diablo immortal release

In case you still don't know what kind of game Diablo Immortal is, so Diablo is an Action RPG Game made by Blizzard. It was popular back then in the PC era, that is why Blizzard wants to expand their mobile market using this game and bring it to mobile. In this game, you will pick a character and leveling it up. It is pretty much the same with action RPG.

So what happened to this game? Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released back then in 2019 (according to some rumors). But why did they cancel it? Diablo Immortal received a lot of bad reviews from Diablo fans. They said that Diablo Immortal is a disgrace for the Diablo franchise.

As an RPG player myself, I didn't find it lacking but who knows what was in their mind to leave bad reviews for Blizzard. So Blizzard had no choice but to fix this game as a result we only have Alpha Test in Australia. And it is so hard to join the server because of the IP block and ping. 

Covid is also might be another reason for its delay. In BlizzCon 2021, they said that they are working on Diablo IV. So they might split their developers, but who knows. Blizzard is a very big company so it might be impossible if they lacked developers to make a game. 

Is this a F2P Mobile Game? 

Absolutely. But of course with some cash items in-game that you can spend your money on them. We can also access all characters which are Barbarian, Monk, Necromancer, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Crusader. No there is no need to pay to unlock a certain class. But RPG Game always has P2W kinds of stuff but I am not sure if this game will be another heavily P2W game or not. 

Diablo Immortal will only available for Android and iOS. And most likely will be released in 2021. No PC client but you can still play using Emulator. How about Nintendo Switch? Switch got touchscreen as well, so there is a chance. 

Is this game worth the wait?

Yes. This game will become one of the best RPG Mobile Game ever. Hopefully, Blizzard will keep improving this game so there will be no more bad reviews from Hardcore Diablo Fans.

Happy Waiting...

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