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Guardians Of Cloudia Redeem Codes May 2021

guardians of cloudia redeem codes may 2021

Almost new Mobile Games usually gave Redeem Codes for everyone. Those redeem codes will give for some freebies. It is the same with Guardians of Cloudia. Do take note that this code will only available for a limited time. So make sure you use this code as soon as possible, so you won't miss these freebies.
Redeem Code :


How to use these redeem codes? Follow these simple steps.
  1. Login your game
  2. Open Benefits 
  3. Tap on Redeem Codes
  4. Enter the Code
  5. Tap on Exchange Button
You will get Sacred Windbell x10, 100,000 Goldleaf, and 100,000 Silverleaf. I will say this again, use this as soon as possible when you saw this article. This code won't stay for long, it will exist for at least 1 week for most MMORPG Mobile Games. So Guardians of Cloudia should be the same.

Happy Freebie...

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