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Guardians of Cloudia Beginners Guide

Guardians of cloudia beginners guide

Guardians of Cloudia is an MMORPG Mobile Game that heads towards heavily Pay to Win. Why? Have you played Laplace M before? That game is similar to this, if you played Laplace before, you recognize this game. Every MMORPG or RPG is Pay to Win, yes. But is it balance or not? That is something that we need to figure out.
But it is okay. As Free to Play player, you can still enjoy this game but more into the PVE side. Since PVP will be filled with Whale or Cash Cow (P2W players), they dominated Arena and PVP. There is no way we can catch them up, impossible. But you can still get stronger, just by playing 24/7!

LMAO jokes aside. But seriously we need to invest so much time to finish all the kinds of stuff. I will list some things below so you can get the gist.

Pick The Right Class 

You can read My Guadians of Cloudia Classes Guide for class explanations. There are 5 classes to choose from which Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Oracle, and Rogue. I suggest you pick something like Swordsman or Mage. Why these 2 classes? Because Swordsman is tanky with good damages and Mage has high damages skills. So we don't need Overpowered types of equipment to become strong.

You need to invest a lot for Oracle to become unkillable which is crazy. Archer and Rogue need good equipment as well. And most people in the party won't Archer or Rogue unless they got good equipment (this is why some people hide their equipment info). Unlike Swordsman, as long as Oracle heals you, you will be fine. Mage has high damages already so they can still dish out some good damages.

Quest, Quest, and Quest!

Yes, this is a taptap game. That means to leveling, you need to do the quest. No need to grind since you will level up fast. Remember this is a heavily P2W game so the level doesn't matter as long as you got high Battle Power (BP). And finish all of the dailies.

Dailies and Limited Event

You need to all Dailies! Or you will your progress, time-consuming indeed. An especially limited event, you need to remember the time and log in to join it. Because if you miss, then you pretty much lose a lot of progress. This is the reason why I won't play this game for too long, boring. You can't play at your pace and need to catch up with server.

Join A Guild

Find a good guild that is not P2W based, won't kick you for no reason, and demand to online 24/7. Of course, you need to pay them back by donating and do Guild Events. Win-Win solution. Or just kindly ask in world chat, if there is a casual guild that opens recruitment. If you got invited, make sure you play every day because most of the guilds will kick if you didn't log in for a day.


This game has Pet System as well. I suggest you wait until you got the highest grade pet, and upgrade them. You can upgrade some pets if they got the bonuses that you needed, but keep it a minimum and don't waste too many items on them.

Hope this guide helps you to understand this game better.

Happy 24/7 playing...

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