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Guardians of Cloudia Classes Guide

Guardians of cloudia classes guide

Play Guardians of Cloudia? But don't know which class to choose? For your information in Guardians of Cloudia, there are 5 classes to choose from which is Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Oracle, and Rogue. Each class has its playstyle and role. So in this Guide, I will give a brief about these classes so you can choose a class that fits your style.


Guardians of cloudia swordsman

Swordsman is my favorite class. They are tanky and can deal a lot of damage. The swordsman in this game is an Offensive Tanker. You can also pull enemies to you, really useful in clearing dungeon or PVP. They can solo in any situation. But in PVP, you need to lead your team since you will be at the front to tank.

Advance Class : Guardian and Destroyer


Guardians of cloudia archer

Archer is a ranged class that utilizes a bow. They are so good at the solo battle. They are squishy and can die fast, that is why you need to use their range to avoid damage. Do this right and those annoying Swordsman and Rogue won't touch you.

Advance Class : Windstalker and Sharshooter


Guardians of cloudia mage

Almost the same with Archer, another ranged damage dealer but with magic. Pick this class if you like magic and want to deal burst damage due to their high damage skills. Do remember that you are weak at defense so hide behind the tanker and stay close to your Oracle.

Advance Class : Pyromancer and Aquamage


Guardians of cloudia oracle

Oracle is a support class. They can heal, restore energy, and provide some buffs to your party. This is a party class, which means your damage is not that great, and rely on others to deal damage. With your heal, you can survive longer. Unkillable if you play this class right.

Advance Class : Judge and White Sage


Guardians of cloudia rogue

Rogue is a melee damage dealer. To be honest they are worse than Archer and Mage when it comes to survivability. Even though their damage is high, even higher than Archer and Mage. But in PVE, you can't AFK because of one wrong move and you will die from Boss' attacks. In PVP, people will fear you the most.

Advance Class : Shadow Dancer and Slayer

Feel free to pick any class that fits your playstyle...

Happy Leveling...

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