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Guardians of Cloudia

Guardians of Cloudia

Guardians of Cloudia is an Online MMORPG Mobile Game for Android and IOS. If you played Laplace M before, you might found this game similar to that. Free to play game but could be heavily p2w but you can still enjoy this game even as f2p player.

5 basic classes covering melee, ranged, physical, magical and all types. Each class has at least 2 advanced classes
DIY your own build with free skill/talent combination. 100+ collectable pets of different elements. Each pet has unique appearance and skill sets. Pet's appearance changes at each evolving stage. Different strategical combinations bring unexpected outcomes. 

Vast open world full of PVE modes awaiting you to challenge. Secret easter egg quests hidden in every corner of the world. More PVP modes than you can ever imagine
Battle Royale, 1V1 Duel, 5V5 Battlefield, massive Guild War and more. Strategy and tactics, courage and wisdom, the winner needs them all. Customize your character with unique appearance. Countless outfit choices for various parts: cloth, head/back accessory, weapon transmog and more. 

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Guardians of Cloudia
Free to Play
Login Support : Guess Account / Facebook / Gmail
Genre : MMORPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : English
Size : 1,63GB

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