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Illusion Connect Redeem Codes May 2021

illusion connect redeem codes may 2021

Do you still play Illusion Connect? This Mobile Game RPG Online is one of the best RPGs in 2021 for Mobile. Illusion Connect is F2P friendly RPG Mobile Game, with a lot of events that give freebie. And this time they shared some Redeem Codes which you can use for some extra boost. Especially for Summons aka Gacha, we need really Gacha a lot for stronger characters.
For your information, please mind this article's title. Since it is for May 2021, these redeem codes will probably be invalid in one week or so. Even earlier than that. So use these codes as soon as possible when you found my article. TLDR, here are some redeem codes for this month.
  • #ICFAMILY (Rewards: 5x Summon Tickets, 10x Broken Destiny Prism, 5x Gift Box L, 100k Gold)
  • #ICU1022 (Rewards: 10x Summon Tickets)
  • #ICZOMBIE3 (Rewards: 10x Summon Tickets)
  • #SALA (Rewards: 10x Silver Partner Stones, 30k Gold, 20x Nightmare Bottle M)
  • #BESTIC (Rewards: 1x Trinity SR Partner, SR Gear Chest, 200k Gold, 30x Nightmare Bottle M, 5x Cheese Croissant)
  • #MANDER (Rewards: 10x Silver Partner Stones, 30k Gold, 20x Nightmare Bottle M)
How to use these codes? Follow the simple steps below.

Log into your game
Open your character info
Tap on Redeem
Enter those codes above

If all of these codes are invalid, let me know so I will change the title to invalid codes. Hope this guide helps.

Happy Redeem...

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