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Moonlight Sculptor Beginners Guide

Moonlight sculptor beginners guide

Okay, so this time I will give some tips about Moonlight Sculptor, more like a Beginners Guide on this first day. I just reached level 40 and it is tiring. I will list down some things that you might forget about it or maybe didn't pay attention to them. Hopefully, this can help you understand this game better since there is a lot to do.

If you prefer to watch, then watch this video below. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel because I prioritize uploading there before I write this guide. 

Basic Leveling Guide

Pretty simple. Just keep doing your Main and Sub Quest, that is a lot of EXP. Just tap on them and they will auto. For your information, this game is kinda bugged so sometimes your character will run towards the wall or unable to find their next target (monsters). 

Done with the quest? There is more Quest lmao. As you progress, you will unlock Board Mission. Just go to the town and open your map and look for the red "X" icon. That is the Mission Boards. 

Moonlight sculptor board mission

There are grades for these missions. S Rank is the best but it is difficult or annoying. You can do this quest up to 10 times per day. You can refresh twice to get a better grade. You are free to do all of this at once or wait until you hit the grinding wall (monster is too strong) and want to do quest instead. 

Grind is the last way to leveling. Grinding is by far the best way because monsters give a lot of exp and also equipment. I recommend you to turn on your auto-party so it will easier to find a party. Always grind monsters around your level.


This game has a food system too. And they are useful. Some food will give you temporary stats and your character has satiety. What is satiety? Your hunger level or something like that. You will lose your satiety over time and can be replenished by eating food. If your satiety reached 100%, you will have 10% more ATK Buff. 

Auto Skill

You need to manually set them to Auto. First, put your skills on your Skill Bar. Tap and Hold the skill icon then drag it up. Every time you got a new skill, make sure you do this so it will set as auto. 

Specialize Equipment

Moonlight sculptor specialize

This feature will boost your stats. You can improve these by sacrifice pieces of equipment. So it is really important to get trash equipment. And sacrifice them for these features. All of these can help you in the long run as they are permanent bonuses.

Modify Equipments

Moonlight sculptor modify equipments

You can enchant your equipment here, don't worry you can always transfer it to your new equipment. You can also dismantle them for ores but I think it is better to use trash equipment for Specialize. The option will give stats to your equipment. You can also change its current bonuses to another bonus. 

Class Weapon

You can use all weapons, it doesn't matter what your class is. But you can't use your class skills. For example, Alchemist needs to use Spell Dagger and Flask for their skills. If you use Staff, you can't use skills. And here is the thing, to equip a stronger weapon, you need specific stats. For example, Archer needs high agility to equip a stronger bow so better invest your stat points. 

Collection Book

Grinding will give a lot of trash as well and that trash are needed for the collection book. So don't sell them! Always check if they are needed or not in the collection book. Grind is so important that you need to do it in your free time. This feature will give you permanent stats if you completed them.


Similar to collection book but you just need to kill or get items once then register them. I strongly against you use your pet or buddy for this codex unless you have multiple copies of them. Give permanent stats.

Pet and Buddy

Moonlight sculptor pet

At level 1 game will give us 3 eggs, use them to get 3 pets. For your information, if you want to tame monsters, you need to an archer. Only archer can do the taming at level 10, other classes have to wait until level 45. Each pet can give you some nice buffs so make sure you read them first. 

Open PK

They do have open PK but with limitations. You need to activate your PVP mode near the char bar. And you can only attack people who are in PVP mode as well. Use this mode will give you more rewards from the monster. High risk, high profit. But no points really, just turn it off and farm normally.

Daily Rewards

Make sure you do all of them because it will you some freebies. 

Dungeon and Raid

You can enter the dungeon started from level 30. Make sure to use all of your tickets. Where do we get these tickets? As far as I know, it is from monsters' drop and free enter chance every day. The dungeon will give EXP, Gold, Equipment, and some random kinds of stuff.

Here some tips for you. Don't kill the boss yet, roam around and kill all of its minions. That way you will get more EXP and Gold. Since you can only get equipment from Dungeon's Chest after you killed the boss.

The Sculptor Class

Moonlight sculptor class

As I already mentioned in this Classes GuideTo become the Sculptor class you need to pick No Job class or Later Class. It is the bottom one under the Alchemist. Just keep on doing Main Quest and it will give you the Hidden Quest to change your class. Start from Level 27. So it is better to change class as soon as it is available. 

More guides will be made soon because there so many things to discover. Hope this helps you understand this game better.

Happy Grinding...

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