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Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide

Moonlight sculptor classed guide

Okay, Moonlight Sculptor is officially released. There are 5 basic classed that you can pick besides hidden classes. Anyway, this is a simple guide so you can understand the basics of that class and pick the right one. I will explain about Sculptor the hidden class of this game below.
If you prefer watching, watch this video below.

Prefer to read? Then keep going because I will provide more detail for this article.


Moonlight sculptor warrior

Warrior is an off-tank aka offensive tanker. They can tank and also can deal damages at the same time. They also have the ability to pull aggro so definitely a must-class in a dungeon or party play. You like to play Solo, pick warrior is a good choice. With Stun and Knockback, you are unstoppable in the Melee range.

Weapon : 2H Sword, 2H Axe
Recommeded Stats : Strength for full damage


Moonlight sculptor mage

Mage is the magic ranged attacker. They specialize in AoE or area attack, that means they are good in party. It is not like they are bad in solo but with casting time, you will lose to those archers. Mage comes with the Burn effect as well but with the chance to occur. And have some Crowd-Controll ability to slow down enemies. 

Weapon : Wand, Combat Staff
Recommended Stats : Intelligence, Wisdom (PVP)


Moonlight sculptor archer

I must say that Archer is one of the best solo class. Because they have high damage single target skill. And course long-range attack. They are also very good in PvP because they can boost our pet's damages. Just make sure you don't mob too much unlike mage. Keep your distance is the best way to play this class. And this class can tame pets at level 10, unlike others, because they need to complete Pet Quest at level 45.

Weapon : Bow, Short Bow
Recommended Stats : Agility


Moonlight sculptor paladin

Paladin is a tanky class with heal ability. Another good solo class, and of course very good in PvP due to their survivability. Paladin will be a must-class in the dungeon as well since you can heal and buff your party. Your damage might be average but your survivability is top-notch, no more death by AFK! 

Weapon : Sword, Blunt
Recommended Stats : Cons for tanker, Str for damage. It is better to go full Cons


Moonlight sculptor alchemist

The class that throws bottles at enemies, yesh! This is my favorite class. They are similar to Mage but more into DoT (Damage over Time) type. Because Alchemist's acid doesn't have a chance to occur, so it will always hit the enemy. Their range is long as well, definitely a worth class to try. They also have buffs to make them last longer in a fight. 

Weapon : Spell Dagger
Recommeded Stats : Intelligence, Wisdom for PVP

No Job or Classless (Sculptor)

Moonlight sculptor no job

This job looks weak at first but this no job class can become the Sculptor. What is Sculptor? It is a hidden class in this game. You can change to sculptor between level 27-35 depends on how fast you can complete the hidden quest. It is a mix between warrior and summoner. Yes summon, you can summon golem. 

How to get the hidden quest? No need to think or look for it. Just keep doing your Main Quest and it will eventually give you the hidden quest to change class. I suggest you focus on Main Quest until you changed to Sculptor. Then starting to do your dailies.

Recommended Stats : Strength, Agility (both of them)

Do take note that after you change to Sculptor, your stats will be reset.

If you are curious about the gameplay. Feel free to watch the video below and also click on that Download button if you like to try this game.

Game Description :

From the developers of the ultimate fantasy sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge, experience the immersive light novel of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor come to life! Plug yourself into the virtual reality of Royal Road and control your destiny!

Your grand adventure awaits!


▶ Control Your Destiny in the Immersive STORY!
Relive the story based on the famous novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, where you are completely free to play your way!

▶ Tournament of the Champions! Battlefield of Valor!
Become victorious in weekly tournaments and claim your crown and epic rewards as champion!

▶ Dive Into the Heat of the Action at the Chaotic Entrance!
Check out the ever-changing dungeons through the Chaotic Entrance! Get more EXP and rare treasures through these dungeons filled with nefarious foes and powerful bosses.

▶ Master Your Craft With Life Content!
Not in the mood for a fight? Decorate your home, cook some delicious food for buffs, go fishing, or craft your own weapons and armor!

▶ Find the Best Companion!
From pets to mercenaries, there will always be a trustworthy companion to accompany you on your adventures.

▶ Collect Fragments to Craft Sculptures!
Become the artisan of sculpting and place your masterpiece in your house for buffs. Will you become a sculptor of moonlight?

▶ Play offline!
A hero never rests! Continue the captivating gameplay and action-packed combat in Sleep Mode where you can still get precious loot and EXP!

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Moonlight Sculptor
Free to Play
Login Support : Guess Account / Facebook / Gmail
Genre : MMORPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : English
Size : 2,44GB

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