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Moonlight Sculptor Taming Pet Guide

Moonlight sculptor taming pet guide

In Moonlight Sculptor Mobile Game, they have a pet and buddy system. You can tame monster as a pet, and those pets have extra bonuses that make our character's grind better. There are some things you need to know regarding Taming Pet. This is why I made this Taming Pet guide. So you can understand this system better.

Moonlight sculptor pet shop

Archer is the only class that can make your pet stronger with buff. They also can tame monsters at level 10, also you can access the Pet Shop. For other classes, you need to reach level 45 to get Pet Guide Quest. Complete this quest will grant you access to Pet Shop where we can buy Taming Related Stuffs.

If you tap on them, you will see their type and success rate. How to increase the success rate? Stay with me as I will explain more below. If you plan to tame some monsters, bring a lot of taming items. In case you failed, you don't need to go back to the town just to buy the items again. 

But not every monster are tameable. So which one? Head to the codex and tap Monster.

Moonlight sculptor monsters

As you can see some monsters gave footprints on them. Those are the tameable monsters that you can tame using items. The different areas had different monsters of course. Tap on them for more details, for example, the taming requirements. 

Moonlight sculptor taming pet requirements

You can see there two requirements which Charisma and Diet. Diet is taming item type, for example, this rabbit loves plant type of food. We need to reach that amount of Charisma to tame them. Otherwise, you can't use taming items on them.

Here some tips for you. You see, we need Charisma to be able to use the taming item on the monster. Before you invest extra stats into Charisma, do take note that food can give you temporary Stats. That means you can use +15 Charisma Food. If you combine 10 Charisma with food, that is already 25 Charisma. Enough to tame some monsters.

If you want to tame stronger monsters with higher requirements, then you can start to invest some stats into Charisma. Enough to tame because Charisma is only useful to tame. It doesn't add any stats, so put too much will bring harm to your character. 

How to tame? 
  1. First buy some taming items depend on your monster's requirements
  2. Find your favorite monsters' location in Codex and go there
  3. After that tap your taming items and add them onto your item quickslot
  4. Tap the taming items on your quickslot
  5. And tap the monster
  6. Repeat until success
Moonlight sculptor tame monster

Since we have a low success rate, it might take a while until we can successfully tame one. Pet has bonuses or buff, so you need to look for its information in Codex. For example, a popular pet for Ranged characters is Basilisk. Why Basilisk is good? Because it can taunt normal monsters and tank them for you. Since Ranged characters are squishy, that ability is very helpful.

For physical class, you can get something like Wolf or any other pet that can give more ATK or Crit. So you look around and find the pet that gives a suitable buff to help your character. For melee, I think you shouldn't get Basilisk, simply because you are the tanker so get a pet that can deal damages or increase your damages. 

Moonlight sculptor basilisk

That is it for this guide. Remember you need to finish the quest for other classes at level 45. If you haven't finish it, you can't access the pet shop. 

Happy Taming...

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