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My Hero Academia Strongest Hero Reroll Guide

My hero academia strongest hero reroll

Do you like My Hero Academia Strongest Hero? If you haven't tried it and like Action RPG, you should try this game. This game is based on My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia. An Action RPG where you will use your characters to fight the bad guys.

Yes, characters. You can get a stronger character from Gacha. But there are some characters that strong, you should for them instead. To make your team stronger. I will Only share the S tier which is the best and the A tier which is okay in any situation. For further information about characters' details, you can get into the game and read it.

S Tier
  • Tokoyami
  • Aizawa
  • Momo
  • Endeavor
  • All Might
A Tier
  • Deku
  • Kirishima
  • Todoroki
  • Tsuyu Asui
Keep that in mind that these are based on what people used. You are free to play any character as long as they fit your gameplay. For example, I like Asui because of her frog behavior while fighting lmao. Play the way you like. And since this is a gacha game, of course, reroll guide existed. So do these steps below if you want to re-roll.
  1. Login using Guest Account (don't bind to any Social Media)
  2. Complete all the tutorials and gacha. Don't forget to get rewards from Mailbox
  3. Head to Gacha section and pick any banner of your favorite
  4. Gacha until you found one of those S tier characters
In case you still haven't got what you like do one of these reroll method.

Remove Data
  • Open your folder : Storage > Android > Obb > com.mhatsh.eu or com.sonypicturestelevision.myheroacademia and rename by adding "1" at the end of it (should be like this com.mhatsh.eu1
  • Now clear My Hero Academia Strongest Hero's Data (long tap on the game icon)
  • Back to Obb folder and remove "1" from that obb folder back to original (like this com.mhatsh.eu)
Your account will reset and you will have to play the tutorials again.


Re-download everything. For Android, just Clear Data. IOS, re-install.

Change Server

Change server and make a new account. Simple and obvious huh?

Change Account

For you who have so many account, then do this.

It is not necessary to reroll. Since in the end, we will get everyone but you need to play regularly to gacha more often. Anyway hope this guide helps so you can start your progress more

Happy Reroll...!

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