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Punishing: Gray Raven Best Character

Punishing gray raven

Punishing: Gray Raven just open their Global Closed Beta Test (CBT) yesterday. And so many players are so eager to try this game. This Mobile Game is an Action RPG where you will hack n slash here and there, have you play a popular game like Honkai Impact? If you had, then yes this game is pretty much the same as that. But... with a bit of Open-world feature. Some will say that this game will be better than Honkai Impact but who knows. 

This kind of game is a gacha game. That means you need to be lucky as Free to Play players to get strong characters through Gacha. But before that, you need to know which characters are the best to have. So you won't waste too many free items for gacha rolls. But this game still in the CBT phase so this list might change in OBT. But usually not that much because RPG developers are lazy. Yes, they are! Because fixing things in-game is a lot of work! So they tend to left it alone until it became a big problem. 

Before we head into the best character list. I will give some tips first. Black Card is the gacha item, so we need this to summon or gacha. I know some of you are Gacha Lust, but calm yourself. It is better to use these Black Card for Summon Event. You can use some but save some for the event especially in OBT later.

Leader. Pick the right leader for your team. If you want a Full DPS party, then pick a character that had the role of damager. You can look at their info to know which one is the best candidate as your team leader. Don't forget to upgrade your favorite character. It is not necessary to upgrade all characters as you will waste materials. Or you can try to get one of the best characters below and upgrade them.

Okay, let's start this. 

Nanami - Pulse

Nanami - Pulse is a support tanker that means he can tank but also provide some support. He goes well with Liv (any type) so it might be good if you also add Liv into your team. Nanami has two types of damage which are Physical and Elemental Damage. He can also debuff enemies with Resistance Reduction.

Karenina - Ember

Karenina - Amber is a melee character with powerful AoE attack. She can dish out a lot of damage in one turn (Burst Damage) and also has two types of damage which are Physical and Elemental. You can use Kamui (Barognosis and Dark Energon), Bianca, and Liv (any type). 

Liv - La Paix

The best healer. This is character can pretty much fit into any kind of team. With Heal and Damage Reduction to your character, she can be the game changer to any situation. Of course, it is Liv S-class one, but normal Liv is good too. 

Lee - Random

Pretty much a no-brain character to pick. Why? This character can deal burst damage. Lee will be your best damager until you found a better one, pure DPS. 

You are free to try other characters but these characters that I listed are the best ones you can get. So you can at least aim for one of them or if you are lucky enough to get at least 3 characters, that would be great.

Hope this helps you in this CBT or upcoming OBT but not sure when because they just open this Global CBT. Once they released the date, I will inform you as soon as possible.

Happy Gacha...

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