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Rebirth of Chaos : Eternal Saga

Rebirth of Chaos : Eternal Saga

Rebirth of Chaos : Eternal Saga is a MMORPG Online Mobile Game. This game has 5 classes which is Rosha, Swordsman, Mage, Archer, and Saber. There is also one more class called Diva but you can only change to this class at Class Rebith. Pretty simple MMORPG. No need to worry about leveling process because what matters is the Battle Power.

All you need is to follow the quest. System will carry you through the game and teach you everything about it. Team up to kill rare demon Boss. Enter dungeons to fight over epic gear with hundreds of players. Through random drops, you can get epic gear by killing even mobs! AFK at work and collect epic gear after work.

They also have Auction House where you can buy or sell gears. Well game like this is all about transactions so market is a must. Not to mention, skins that add stats to our character. Mount is also available for us to use, not only we can ride them but can make our character even stronger. There are Dozens of mythical beast mounts, such as Frost Wyrm, Gilded Dragon, for you to choose to travel around the Land of Chaos.

PVE is not always the only mode that this game has but also other mode like Purgatory Boss, Arena, Ladder PVP, Empire Team Battle. Although I strongly against you to play PVP because there is no way you can against those Pay to Win players ever! No matter how many time you spent to play this game.

To summarize, this is still a good mobile game to spend your free time. Because you can just tap and let your character play by themselves. Play at your own pace no need to rush everything. This game just got release in EU and US server so APK will be provided below for Android user outside of EU and US.

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Rebirth of Chaos : Eternal Saga
Free to Play
Login Support : Facebook / Google / Guess Account
Genre : MMORPG
Require Internet : Online
Language : English
Size : 1,65GB

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