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Ragnarok X Next Generation Leveling Guide

Ragnarok x next generation leveling guide

In Ragnarok X Next Generation OBT, you really want to change to your 2nd job as fast as possible. It will take around 4 days. Longer if you grind the wrong monsters. Each monsters will give you different ratio between Base EXP and Job EXP. You want to farm monster that give higher Job EXP. Why? Because it will speed up your Job EXP so you can change your job faster, because changing job doesn't required certain Base Level. So don't worry about your Base Level, just do your dailies and it will go up. So i made this Leveling Guide to help you.

Main Quest

ragnarok x next generation main quest

Just do your main quest until you reached the limit. This should be your first priority before finish all of your dailies. Not to mention Main Quest will open more Features for us to use. Boring? Yeah, since you just need to tap tap and let your character do their thing.

Sub Quest

Sub quest sometimes will give you exp so just finish them all.

Mission Board

ragnarok x next generation mission board

Mission board will give a lot of exp, especially those with double rewards. make sure you do all of them.

Instance / Dungeon

ragnarok x next generation instance

First instance is GTB aka Golden Thief Bug. Learn the boss' mechanics for easier run. You can do 2x Normal and 1x Hard. Or if you are confident, you can do 1x Normal and 2x Hard. 2x Hard will give you the most experience so it is worth the efforts. Also your priority is to get better weapon and accessories.

COC Mission

ragnarok x next generation coc mission

This mission is simple, just take your mission and it will tell to get some stuffs. I do recommend you to just buy the needed stuffs. You can also keep your trashes from monster, just in case you need them for coc mission. It is easy to farm Zeny just by doing all of your dailies so buy stuffs to complete these missions. Save time.

OX Quiz

ragnarok x next generation ox quiz

This quiz is about Ragnarok or real life related stuffs. if you are not confident about the answer, just follow others.

Odin's Blessing

ragnarok x next generation odin's blessing

Odin's blessing will 5x your rewards from monsters so you need to be picky. Remember we must farm monster that has higher job exp than base exp. I had listed some monster below based on my experience during CBT and Taiwan server. I will keep on updating it so be sure to always check them out later.

ragnarok x next generation odin's blessing penalty

Also remember one thing. There are penalty according to your level. For example you are level 10, you don't want to farm monster level 6 or level 14. Because you will get only 80% rewards if those monster's level and your level are 3 levels different.

Best monsters to farm

Level 22-28 Male Thief Bug (Base EXP : 60, Job EXP : 200) 
Level 28-30 Poison Spore (Base EXP : 43, Job EXP : 129) 
Level 30-36 Roda Frog (Base EXP : 48, Job EXP : 144) 
Level 36-40 Martin (Base EXP : 26, Job EXP : 78) 
Level 40-43 Whisper  (Base EXP : 43, Job EXP : 71) 
Level 43-47 Anaconda (Base EXP : 65, Job EXP : 195) 
Level 47-53 Desert Wolf (Base EXP : 113, Job EXP : 118) 
Level 53-56 Phen (Base EXP : 131 Job EXP : 218) 
Level 56-59 Swordfish (Base EXP : 140, Job EXP : 419) 
Level 60-63 Snake (Base EXP : 104, Job EXP : 312) 
Level 63-66 Marc (Base EXP : 116, Job EXP : 116)
Level 66-72 Deviache (Base EXP : 61, Job EXP : 183) 
Level 72-75 Orc Zombie (Base EXP : 295, Job EXP : 491) 
Level 75-77 MarionettMarionet (Base EXP : 149, Job EXP : 149) 
Level 77-80 Baphomer Jr (Base EXP : 78, Job EXP : 233) 

I think Level 80 is enough because I am sure most of you quit around level 50ish lmao. And where do I find these information? Combine with my experience, I also use this website to gather info. Feel free to visit the link below. 

AFK Grinding Overnight

Use the recommended monsters above and left your character to AFK grind. Don't worry you will still get the exp. At first day you will stuck at level 29, but you can advance to level 30 if you were afk grind. unless you are Pay to Win dude, you can even reach level 31.

Like I had mention above, you need at least 4 days to be able to change job. It should be around level 35-37. If you do it right, you can change at level 35. But people said level is important! Yes, I know. Because you need to level up so you can use stronger equipments. But you want to rush your job change quest for better life. For stronger skills. So don't mind your level, it will eventually go up.

Endless Tower

Endless Tower can give you a lot of experience because you will defeat monsters and boss as well. But to do that, you need a party that knew how to play ET. You can't rush to complete this because you can't use potions inside. And your Priest can only use their heal at Floor 20th above. Actually you don't need special strategy to do this.

Just make sure for every floor except Boss floor, just stay at your current position when spawned. Let the monsters come to find you and defeat them. When they won't come, that is when you start to move. But, don't blindly rush. Take your time, take some steps to look for the monsters. Don't let them surround you because you will die. 

If your party took too much damage and need to heal, just sit down for a while. And make sure your bag is not over 50% so you can regen. Especially for Boss Floor, make sure your HP and SP are full. And 1 more thing, DO NOT AUTO! Dodge Boss' lethal attack. Of course, you can always come back when your party got wiped but you will wasted time.

Feel free to add anything related to this Ragnarok X Next Generation Leveling Guide. Video will be added once OBT server is up. Hope this guide will help fast leveling later in OBT. And also you can watch this video below for some Beginner Tips.

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  1. Why u think many people gonna leave at lvl 50?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Because above level 50, leveling is slower. And there is no new stuffs. Just the same. Repetitive dailies.