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Valorant Mobile Confirmed

Valorant mobile release date

There are rumours around about Riot is making a new tactical shooting mobile game. And it was Valorant Mobile! According to some popular Leakers, it will be release on E1 2021 which is around Mid June 2021. There is only a few information about Valorant Mobile on internet so no pre-registration link so far and we don't know which country can access it.

So what kind of game ia Valorant? 

In case you don't know yet, Valorant is a tactical shooting game similar to Counter Strike etc but with skills or abilities. So not only you use guns but also abilities. Each characters have their own unique abilities. So use them to your advantages for the win. 

So far only bomb mission but hopefully they will add more mode for us to enjoy. And that game will come to mobile soon. Develop by Riot so we can expect the same quality. As long as Riot released the pre-registration link, I will provide it here. 

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