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Wildborn Is Another Mobile Game RPG Like Monster Hunter

wildborn release date

Mobile Game keeps on improving. So many companies from PC or Console are trying to make Mobile Game as well. Especially for Mobile Game RPG. RPG aka Role-playing Game is so popular these days. Take a look at Genshin Impact for example. Just how much that Mihoyo earn from Gacha alone? A lot! And here comes Wildborn.

If you look at the picture up there, it looks similar to Monster Hunter. And yes, this will be one of the best Mobile Games to play with friends. Take a quest and fighting overgrown monsters look very fun to me. There are many RPG Games for Mobile out there that tried to copy Monster Hunter, but they are far from it. Wildborn is by far the most similar RPG Online game to Monster Hunter. If you want to watch the trailer please do search it on Youtube. (You know copyright stuff, so I can't blindly reupload the trailer).

Line Games is working with Rock Square for this project. They started this project in 2019, so it is already 2 years and they said Wildborn will be released soon in 2021. A Mobile Game Multiplayer but you can solo as well, if you can then do it! Not sure if Wildborn will support Mobile Gamepad or Controller but it would be nice if they will add that feature.

I do hope that this upcoming new Mobile Game RPG will not betray our expectations. Just like most of the company did these days, the trailer was awesome but the actual gameplay is far from it. Of course, this kind of Mobile Game Online is free but P2W kinds of stuff will be there for sure. Like costume or maybe EXP booster or maybe extra stats buff etc. It is an RPG Game so there is no way, they won't have P2W stuff.

Some reviewers were complaining about the Auto Feature. I mean the developers provided that feature but that doesn't mean you have to use it. You can play manually if you were looking for some kind of challenging situation against those big monsters. You can turn it off, so spare the hate. And yes this game looks similar to Monster Hunter but it is not plagiarism! In fact, I want to say thank you to these companies who tried to bring Console or PC games to Mobile market.

So what do you think about this new Mobile Game RPG Online (Wildborn)?

Happy Waiting Again...

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