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Alchemy Stars

Alchemy stars

Alchemy Stars
is a Turn-based Strategy RPG Mobile Game that just got released today from Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio. Yes, this is another RPG game where we need to collect characters and use them in a fight. But this is not like any other RPG game where our characters will only most forward and attack, but will play like a classic RPG. We need to move our characters around and order them to attack, as long as the enemies are within their attack range.
Seems complicated? Maybe, but don't worry, they had an auto-battle feature.

A game like this usually has good music, and Alchemy Stars is also one of them. You can enjoy some good music in the lobby, but remember to play as well. Don't just stay in the lobby, LMAO. Definitely gonna make us stay a bit longer to play this game. Really a chilling game, so no need to compete with other players. Especially if you are a F2P player, just enjoy the game. You can't beat the cash cow!

Gacha. Yes, gacha. Alchemy Stars got a gacha system, if not then where are we supposed to get our waifus? But the question is, is it P2W? No. F2P players can still fairly enjoy this game. In fact, on Beginner Banner gacha, you will get some good characters as long as you keep on play gacha so you will reach 21st pulls. What happened on your 21st pulls? You will get *6 characters! Alchemy Stars also have a fair chance for gacha. Well, it won't get lower than 1% at least (just like other RPGs with a 0,0001% rate).

Characters in this game are called Aurorians. Yes yes, these characters got abilities, skills, etc. Every one of them got unique stuff. We need to level them up and upgrade them as well to make them stronger. It will take time, yes. That is why you need to focus on your favorite characters or you can try to find out which characters are the best in the game and use them for your main party. Also, read their abilities carefully and try to find characters that have good synergy.

For combat areas, Alchemy Stars got unique tiles. It will look like other tile battles like RPG but Alchemy Stars' is a bit different. I will explain it later once I test some stuff later. But there is something you need to know. There is a special time called "Aurora Time". This Aurora Time will make you play the round without counting it. Similar to extra round but exclusive to you. It's really hard to pull, by the way, so you don't need to force yourself to trigger it.

Do remember that every Aurorian got their unique attack, especially their chain skill so make sure you take some time to understand your Aurorian's abilities.

Just a chilling RPG, with no pressure at all. So feel free to watch the gameplay below in case you still haven't decided to play this game or not. Or if you run out of games, you can try this new RPG mobile game for a while until you found your next favorite game.

How to reroll in this game?

Just log in using Guest Account. Remember to not bind that guest account until you got your favorite Aurorians. Keep doing the tutorials until you finished them, and will reward you with some Lumamber. Don't forget to get your rewards from the mailbox as well. I suggest you spend all of them on Beginner Banner Gacha. Or you can try your luck on the Mainstay banner. That is a quick reroll guide, it will take around 6 minutes to finish the tutorials until stage 1-4.

Okay, in case you want to get a higher chance with more gacha. Do finish the Main Quest until Stage 2-1. That way you can get more Lumamber and Yellow Beacon. 

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Alchemy Stars
Free to Play
Login Support: Guest Account / Facebook / Twitter / Line / Gmaol
Genre: SRPG
Require Internet: Online
Language: English
Size : 2,60GB

Want to try? Click the button below to Download.

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