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Should You Use Emulator To Play Mobile Game?

Best emulator android

Mobile Games are getting better and better every day. You can see that a lot of mobile games are having High Definition Graphics that rivals PC Games. This will prove that Mobile Games are a thing these days and so many companies are trying to enter Mobile Market. Because we can play Mobile Game anywhere and anytime. No need to set up our PC and WIFI.

But play Mobile Games using smartphones for a long time will cause harm. Not to mention if you were playing an HD Graphics game with a High setting. That will cause your Smartphone to overheat and will slowly break yours. In the end, you need to buy another Smartphone just to play games. Of course, it will be fine if you were just playing a game for a while but there are some hardcore gamers out there that will play more than 8 hours per day.

This is why most Gaming Streamers use their PC for emulators.

Should we use an emulator? Yes. If you can afford a decent laptop or PC. PC will always be a better option because they have higher specifications with the same budget to build one. You don't have to worry about playing mobile games for so long anymore. And you can your smartphone for something else. No need to overwork it.

Emulator for mobile games

Why emulator is better? Depend on your specs, an emulator can provide higher FPS (60-120 FPS is more than enough). Not to mention, you can use the high setting for graphics to provide a better experience. Especially if you are a gaming streamer, you can set up your Livestream software on the same PC and stream your gameplay directly to Youtube (with some plugins to make your gameplay quality better). With your RAM, there will be no lag at all during streaming, unlike smartphones.

There are many advantages but emulator users are hated by the community. Eh, wait, how? Remember what I mentioned above? Higher FPS? Smartphones Gaming will give you 60 FPS with low settings, the most expensive ones can give you 120 FPS. But not everyone can buy $2000-3000 Smartphones, again live streaming with a smartphone is not recommended at all.

Smartphone gaming

With that money, you can build a powerful PC Gaming already that can run Cyberpunk with High Settings. I always against people who wanted to buy a very expensive smartphone gaming, because there are cheap android smartphone gaming out there that cost you less than $700. Which one? You can try Xiaomi Black Shark of Red Magic. These 2 are cheap smartphone gaming but can perform well.

Once again emulator is recommended for you who are playing games for a long time. You can also install so many mods (this is why developers hated emulator users because they can easily install cheats). 

Okay, I will recommend 3 emulators that I use or used to have. I only have a potato laptop which is Asus X550IK, which is a potato laptop. I am not gonna lie! I tried to save as much as I can from AdSense so I can afford a decent PC in the future. No need to be an expensive one but around $500-700 should be more than enough unless I want to play console PC on it. Anyway, here is my recommendation.

Nox Player

I use this at this moment. Free and we can play multiple games using its feature. This emulator is so smooth even my potato laptop can run it and play some good games like Ragnarok X or Moonlight Sculptor. You can change its setting so your device can run it. Of course, they have a key mapping to easy gaming life. But this is personal preference because I am too lazy to re-download everything (wait, what?).

LD Player

I use LD Player sometimes if I want to play some heavy mobile games. This emulator is also free. LD Player is slightly better than Nox when it comes to performance. But what I hate about LD Player is the loading time and game ads


Almost everyone knows Bluestacks. People said that this emulator is the lightest and fastest emulator. Maybe, but depends on your laptop or PC. What I noticed when using Bluestacks is the loading time, too long to open it up. To be honest, there some games that run poorly on Bluestacks. You can try this emulator first and switch others if it can't give a good gaming experience. Not to mention the random crashed which pissed me off.

Anyway, you can still use your smartphone for the game but if you owned a PC, might be better if you use an emulator instead.

Happy Gaming...

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