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EOS Red Is A Huge Disappointment

Eos red impression

Disappointed. I knew that EOS Red will be another generic MMORPG Mobile Game but I expected the same quality. But it turned to be a huge disappointment (I ended uninstalled it yesterday). There are many things that I want to share with you before you download this game. This is my impression of EOS Red so it might be different from yours. I am a fan of RPG and MMORPG Mobile Game even used to play PC games as well. That is why EOS Red disappointed me.

If you are curious about the gameplay, watch the video above.


Every class in MMORPG games has basic skills and will get more skills once they picked their advanced class. It is the same with EOS Red. But... It is not free! Like seriously how come do we need to pay for our skills? So we need to buy our skills from NPC and need to farm monsters for some skills as well. Because the NPC didn't sell it and the monster drop rate is seriously ridiculous. And also need to be at least level 20 before we can get our first skill. Wow!


When you attacked a monster or player, the game will usually show us the monster's information such a Health Points, Level, Race, Element, etc. But this game didn't give us that simple feature! I understand if this game is still in CBT but it is official released already. That is a very simple feature that you need to provide. Also the visual damage text. We can't see our damage!

So this game feels like an unfinished product. 


We can use world chat started from level 50. That is too long. I knew the reason you made it like that because of the RMT spammer but that doesn't mean it should be level 50. Change it to level 10 or something. Chat is necessary because that way we can't interact with other players to discuss this game.

Don't tell me because of the Philippines players? They are known for their chat ability but really? 


It is not like we expected great rewards but gives something useful. Maybe some potions, weapons, etc. Think about the players who were waiting for this game.


Let's not talk about pet gacha because that is P2W stuff. But why do we need to pay for summoning? When you want to use a pet in battle, you need to summon them with a scroll. And yes, we need to buy them again. And pet can easily die from a monster simply because we (character) don't have enough damage to take down the monster.


Yes, after we finally got our skills. Of course, we need mana. Guess what? Our skills cost too much mana. In one full bar of mana, you can only use 2-3 skills and then you ran out of mana. Great, another reason to go back to town.


The only emulator that supports this game is LDPlayer. I use Nox, the game doesn't show my character, monster, NPC, etc. Err, playing using Smartphone uses so much battery and cause overheat. I don't know but my phone ran out of battery faster when playing this game compared to other HD games like Genshin Impact, PUBGM, Onmyoji, etc.

There are so many things to talk about but I think I will stop here.

The summary is this game just borrowed the Echo of Soul brand. Echo of Soul is an awesome MMORPG, I am not gonna lie. Even though once you progress, you need to spend real cash to keep up. But hey, every MMORPG has P2W kind of stuff so it is understandable. But not like this, EOS Red forced us to P2W since level 1 which is ridiculous. I don't know if they will keep things like this in the future but surely this game won't last a month.

So what do you think? Is this game worth it? For me, no. I uninstalled this game yesterday after found out about these problems. Many good games will be released this June. For example Re Tree of Savior CBT tomorrow, again I have high expectations but I will keep that at minimum.


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