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Eos red

EOS Red is the newest MMORPG Mobile Game that just got released. If you played Echo of Soul back then, this game is similar to that. An Open-World MMORPG. From the trailer, this looks like an amazing game. Could be game-changing but it was pretty much the same MMORPG. What makes Echo of Soul was popular back then is their PVP. So I have high expectations when it comes to PVP for this game as well. 

But today MMORPG's PVP is not the same anymore. PC too. So don't expect too much, I will keep leveling my Archer so I can show you its PVP gameplay. If you want full DPS, go for Archer. They specialize in single-target enemies with high critical. Combine with their long-ranged attack, another player will suffer before they can even reach you.

Game Descriptions:

Kill the Wild BOSS, Get the Legendary Equip

All the equipment in EOS is not for sale. All the rare equip is scattered in the world. the BOSS carries the heroic and legendary ultimate equip and waiting for your challenge. In EOS, you can ONLY get equip by fighting. All players have a fair chance to hit the top.

Best rate with Reinforce, Build your God-like weapon

Once, the +11 weapon was an unattainable dream. In the world of EOS, the rate of reinforcement will be greatly increased. It will make you feel refreshed. Unwilling to use reinforce scroll? Dismantle the equipment and return scrolls back. All players have a chance to own +11 weapon in EOS.

Join the Epic Siege, Burn your blood with ally

You are not alone. The enemy’s enemy is your ally. The new system makes your blood alliance stronger enough to challenge a powerful enemy. The epic siege and territorial battles with tens of thousands of people on the same screen will let you experience the killing Pleasure. Multi-person collaboration and fierce competition are indispensable and important elements in the world of EOS.

New auction system, strike it rich in one night

Beating monsters and get the treasure, you can only get equip by fighting, striking it rich in one night. If you worry about the transaction fee, there is also a new one-to-one free trading system. There is no middleman to earn the agio, EOS is an Authentic MMORPG.

Original bounty system, Blood will have blood

A real killing world, free PK in the wild, The ruthless battles. Win or die and drop your equipment. The exciting atmosphere flooding the entire continent. Are you afraid of the danger around you? Use the new bounty system, Hiring top thugs to escort you at any time. If someone kills you once, you can issue a bounty to let your enemy have no way to escape. If you are strong enough, you can earn rewards from bounty too. Blood debt is to taste blood. This is the world.

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Free to Play
Login Support : Facebook / Google / Guess Account
Require Internet: Online
Language: English / Indonesia
Size : 1,95GB

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