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PSO2 New Genesis Global Release Date

Pso2 new genesis release date

Have you played
PSO2 aka Phantasy Stars Online 2? PSO2 is an RPG Online Game for the PC platform with a co-op mission. No auto feature! It is also dungeon-based so you will pick a mission and try to complete them. You will also fight with a boss with so many mechanics. A very good Action RPG game indeed. But the problem is it was only available for Japan. We used to have a SEA server but they closed it.

And now, we will have a new game called PSO2 New Genesis. This game is more like an MMORPG to me? With better graphics and gameplay. This game will be globally released on 9th June 2021 which is next week. Here are the required specs for your PC or Laptop:

  • CPU: Core i5-9400
  • RAM: 8 GB (Low - Medium Graphics)
  • OS: Windows 8.1
  • VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 950 or Radeon R9 285

I hope that my potato laptop can run this game so I can show you some of its gameplay. LMAO. Anyway, the story is about an intergalactic fleet at the forefront of deep-space travel and exploration. You are the newest recruit of ARKS, a task force dedicated to surveying and monitoring the biospheres of inhospitable planets while scouting for signs of a corrupted force that seeks to shroud the universe in darkness.

The home base for ARKS is the fleet of Oracle, comprised of countless city-sized ships inhabited by denizens of four species: Humans, Newmans, CAST, and Deumans. These races come together as ARKS Operatives, with each member selecting one of nine classes and training in combat with eighteen different weapons, often enhanced by the manipulation of cosmic energies known as Photons. As a member of ARKS, you will train and undertake missions to prepare for a single goal: protecting the universe from the threat of the organization’s most prominent enemy, the Falspawn.

So pick according to your playstyle. Keep in mind that each race has a different bonus.

ARKS are encouraged to select specific combat disciplines, or classes, out of the thirteen that are formally recognized;
  • Hunter
  • Ranger
  • Force
  • Braver
  • Bouncer
  • Summoner
  • Fighter
  • Gunner
  • Teacher
  • Hero
  • √Čtoile
  • Phantom
  • Luster
When starting the game for the first time, players will only be able to see six out of the nine classes on the selection screen. If you cannot find the class of your choice, choose any class and complete the tutorial, then visit Class Consultant Bhea in the Gate Area of the ARKS Ship to switch classes at any time. Seems like they give us more class to try in this new game compare to PSO2.

ARKS often find themselves in many different locations throughout their service, whether at leisure on their Ship or embarking on Expeditions. With each new mission, operatives will encounter hostile Natives and formidable enemies corrupted by the spread of the Falspawn.

How is it? Interested? You should be because this will be one of the best Action RPG for PC in 2021.

Hope my laptop can handle this sigh...

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