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Things You Should Know About Re: Tree of Savior CBT

re tree of savior beginners guide

Re: Tree of Savior
aka Tree of Savior Mobile Game is an MMORPG Mobile Game that just got its CBT for Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Is this game worth playing? YES! If you take a look, Re: Tree of Savior will be another auto-play MMORPG. But, if you played Tree of Savior PC before, you will know that this game is unique due to its class system.

Unlike Ragnarok Mobile, where they only have 2 advanced classes (seriously, why did you have to half release for all advanced classes? Yes you, any of Ragnarok Mobile.), but they have 3 advanced classes in this game. Re: Tree of Savior might not as good and complex compared to the PC version, but it will still give us almost the same experience with so many classes we can pick.

What to know more? Stay with me. If you are curious about the gameplay, feel free to watch the video above.


re tree of savior class

They have 5 basic classes which are Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, Cleric, and Scout. Each of them has their own 3 advanced classes in this game so they will be 15 advanced classes for now. On the character creation screen, you can preview the advanced class' skill animation. If you want to look into the details, you have to make the character first.

They give us free 3 character slots to use, and you need to spend real money to unlock additional slots (I hope they make an event for free slots, just like they did with ToS PC). Tree of Savior has a unique system for the class. That is if you make more character, you will receive more bonus. Unlike other games
where it is better to focus on 1 character only.

re tree of savior character slot bonus

And remember, your daily extra rewards for dungeon are shared for all characters. So make sure you use your quota for your Main Character. I will explain about the dungeon below, so stay with me. Anyway, it is good to have more characters but focus on your Main Character. The level is important so always rush your level. Just keep doing the Main Quest and limit your daily rewards for the dungeon. You can grind as well but you have to buy EXP Book so it can give you more Class and Job Experience.

At around level 7, you will receive a quest that will give you a ticket to change your class.

I bet IMC will add more classes in the future. Since this is just the CBT phase so they haven't released the full version of this game. But they give us 2 weeks to try this game so I will keep on playing to give you more information. Because like I said, this game is so worth it to play. I have enough of auto-play MMORPG Mobile Game these days with gender-lock character. Where is the creativity for us? Don't take them from us!


re tree of savior class system

Don't worry we will get all of our skills for free as we leveled up enough. But this game is a bit different from the PC version. We don't need to unlock our skill and level it up but in Re: Tree of Savior, we just need to unlock and level up the skill bonus. There are so many skill bonuses, and you can get them all but it will take some time. So just focus on the most important ones. Okay, I want you to pay attention starting from here because there is something you need to know about Re: Tree of Savior's class system.

If you look at the screenshot above, you will notice the level. That is your class mastery level. Your basic class and advanced class don't share the same level! Remember this. So you have to level them up separately. We what? Yes, level them up separately. Your class has its own skillset and bonuses. So their bonuses will only work when you activate the class and use it in battle. But don't worry there are bonus stats that works globally, which means they will work even though you don't use them in battle. (I still need more test, it should be like that)

If you want to activate your class, tap on the right green button. By the way, just use Screen Translate when you play LMAO.

So feel free to switch classes according to your need. For example, when I use my Wizard, I will switch to Pyromancer when I want to grind and play co-op dungeon. When I want to rush my Main Quest, I switch to the Wizard skillset. Because most of Wizard's skills are single-target. Unlike Pyromancer, all of their skills are AoE (Area of Effect).

So where to get the upgrade items?

Skill stone (its name should be this or not?). Anyway, you can get skill stone from dungeon or quest or maybe event as well. I suggest you focus on your favorite class and get their important bonuses. They all good but focus on the most important one. Of course, you need to use your favorite class a lot so you can level them up fast to level 25. And then feel free to switch to another class to get their bonuses as well. Simple right? Not so complicated, especially when I already explained some BASIC kinds of stuff. ehem~


re tree of savior battle pet

Oh yeah, we have Battle Pet, Mercenary, and Pet in this game. Don't worry I will explain them all at once. Let's start with Battle Pet. So Battle Pet is a pet that can attack or give buff, but they can only use their only one skill and it has a cooldown. I recommend you to get Demon type because their skill is for attacking, most of them I guess? Meanwhile, the Angel types are mostly for the buff. UR is the highest grade so aim for at least one of them. If you got Angel type, so be it and try to gacha again later. Remember you can only get Battle Pet from Gacha.

You can bring Battle Pet anywhere. You can also level them up using items from the shop to make them stronger.

re tree of savior mercenary

Mercenary is so good, they are basically a player as well because they can attack and give buff. They can also use basic attacks. Mercenary comes with 2 skills and a basic attack, the skill is either an attacking or buff type skill. I like Fencer because she has 2 attacking skills and it is multiple hits and pierce effect. Boss usually is weak against pierce type of attacks.

You will get free mercenary from quest (you get one free UR Scout Mercenary). And you can also get them from gacha. Fencer is a UR mercenary as well. You can try to look for mercenary skills, and find what you really need. If you need some buff, then look for mercenary that has it. There is one thing you should know that you can't bring a mercenary for co-op plays.

And mercenary has level. So if you use them in battle, your experience will split in half. 50:50 for you and your mercenary. Their level matches yours, so if you don't want them to steal your experience, you can use EXP scroll to level them up.

re tree of savior pet

Pet, they are not just a mascot LOL. Pet gives some stats or other kind of bonus. For example, the pet I use above gives all stats attribute to my character as long as you use it. They can't attack though, just lurking around you. Give them food to increase their level so their bonuses will increase. You can only get a pet from Gacha.

So which one is good? Actually, just use whatever you want. For Gacha, we need TP points. You can TP points from daily quest or achievement or spend some real cash. Don't blindly spend them, because it is not worth it to spam TP points just to get your favorite.


re tree of savior equipment

Equipment will always be the most important thing for your character development. You can get equipment from the monster drop but the best way is to craft them. You can farm all crafting materials from the dungeons. But you need to rush your Main Quest because it will unlock more dungeon and other features. So it is really important to rush your Main Quest as fast as you can.

re tree of savior crafting

There are only 2 types of equipment that increase your attack speed or reduce skill cooldown. Just look at the picture above. Leather Armor will increase your attack speed and Robe will reduce your skill cooldown. Don't mix your equipment. The equipment also comes with free 4 bonus slots which you can get some nice bonuses into it. You usually will get 1 free bonus, you can get the rest from the upgrade system.

Craft newest equipment will give us Job Experience so always update your equipment to the latest one.

re tree of savior equipment upgrade

You can upgrade your equipment using the upgrade feature.
  • To increase your equipment level, you can use useless equipment or upgrade stone. And it will increase your equipment's stats.
  • Refine will also increase your equipment's stats but will use Anvil and it has a success rate.
  • The other feature will also add more bonuses to your equipment.
  • Keep in mind that there is no upgrade or refine transfer equipment right now.
re tree of savior costume boss card

They have costume as well. You will get a free costume from basic class and advance class and the rest are from gacha. And also Re: Tree of Savior also has Boss Card. You can put this Boss Card into your costume, but only for your body costume. Up to 3 Boss Cards. And yes, you can upgrade your Boss Card to increase their bonuses using the upgrade system. Where to get this Boss Card? From dungeon or field boss.


re tree of savior dungeon

Tree of Savior is an open-world and also dungeon-based MMORPG. So yes, we have some dungeon to play every day. What I noticed that there is a limited and unlimited entry dungeon. Only equipment material and skill stone dungeon that have unlimited entry. The rest are limited. For example the money dungeon, you need a key to get in. Without that, you can't even if you still have some entry chance.

Where to get the key? You can buy or grind monsters. 

You can auto but there is some dungeon that you shouldn't auto. Co-op dungeon for example. You shouldn't auto-play because its Boss is really strong and you can one-shot to death. The same goes with the Tower unless you got a good equipment upgrade. Remember that you have daily extra rewards. Use them for your Main Character.

Best Way To Spend TP Points?

Better spend them to get UR Battle Pet and Mercenary. Once you got your desired ones, save it for more stuffs in the future. As gacha will always change so we can get more unique Battle Pet or Mercenary. Costume is good but free costume is the best. Because it is free! Don't spend on potion or upgrade materials.

Potion can be bought from shop using silver or in-game money the rest can be farm. I think that is for this article. Don't forget to always do your daily quest as well for more free TP Points. I will keep playing to see if there are more things to discover as well. Hope this Beginners Guide helps, and stay tune for more information of Re: Tree of Savior.

Again, is this game worth playing? Yes. If you were looking for some unique MMORPG, then try this game later when it is finally globally released. If you prefer to watch, feel free to watch this video below and be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you won't miss any of game review, news, gameplay, and also guide.

Happy Testing...

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