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Re Tree of Savior CBT Is Here

Re tree of savior cbt

They bring Tree of Savior PC to Mobile! I thought the trailer is fake and nothing close to actual gameplay but seriously this is so good. They called this game as Re Tree of Savior. Looks optimized for mobile and the gameplay is smooth as well. Characters are the same as to a so yes, this is a good MMORPG.

I am not sure if the link is still working but you can try to download this game. No need for a VPN. As long as you can download the game, I think you can log in and play. Anyway, if they bring this game to global this year, Re Tree of Savior will become one of the best MMORPG to play in 2021.

CBT Period end on 17th June 2021. That is plenty of time to test things.

Tree of Savior is better as Mobile Game. And I am glad they brought that to the Mobile platform. Because it is a waste if they left Tree of Savior rot on the PC platform. It was an awesome game but IMC ruined it (I don't want to talk about it). I hope that they won't repeat the same mistake with this game. Re Tree of Savior got potential as one the best MMORPG Mobile Game in 2021. Because they said they will release this game within 2021.

Re Tree of Savior is pretty much the same genre as Tree of Savior. An open-world MMORPG with dungeons. What makes ToS unique? The class system. You can combine a bunch of classes for your character so they will have unique synergy and can perform better. I used to play Dragoon, Wizard Linker, and Archer Rogue. Confused? It is okay because Tree of Savior is all about creativity.

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Re Tree of Savior
Free to Play
Login Support : Facebook / Google / Guess Account
Require Internet: Online
Language: Korea / Japanese / Thailand
Size : 3,29GB

How to download Re Tree of Savior? Click the button below. 

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