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Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace China Server

Sword art online black swordsman ace

Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace is an MMORPG Mobile Game for Android that just got released in China. This game is based on Sword Art Online aka SAO aka freaking Solo Kirito. There are 4 basic classes that you can pick and no gender lock. That means you, men, can play a girl in this game. Anyway, the game is in Chinese so spare the hate, about the English version, not sure when. Probably next year. 

How about this game? Almost the same as other MMORPG Mobile Game but you will see that this game is similar to Genshin Impact when it comes to graphics. But the difference is SAO is an MMORPG game. That means we can freely create our character and pick a class. Yes, this game has classes, almost the same as the Anime, right?

Is this game bad? Nah, this game is good but the language is meh. Yes, we can use Screen Translate but too much work just to play a game. Anyway, I do recommend this game for you to play. About Global Version, there is no news for that yet but probably next year (ain't nobody got time for that). So yes, download and try this game right now.

How to log in:

  1. Make an account on https://www.biligame.com/ (there are guides on Youtube, please do search it) 
  2. Download biligame app
  3. Log in into biligame app
  4. Open your game and you will automatically be logged in because of the biligame app
  5. They will ask for a Chinese name and ID number (google it how to get one) 
  6. Enjoy your game

😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace
Free to Play
Login Support: Biligame
Require Internet: Online
Language: CHINA
Size : 2,84GB

Want to Download Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace? Click the button below. 

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