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How To Get Card In Ragnarok X Next Generation

Ragnarok x next generation card guide

Hello everyone, welcome back to another Ragnarok X Next Generation Guide. And for today I want to explain about Card in this game. As you already know, card is so important for our character development. Simply because it can give us some bonus that we really need, for example ASPD, Crit, Haste, P.ATK bonus, etc. But to be honest, card is the most difficult stuffs to get. Why? Because the drop rate is ridiculous. Below 1%! Even some of expert said, this game got 0,01% drop rate for card. 

Still trying to get a card? Then stick around, I will give some tips to farm card. If you prefer to watch, watch my video below.

What is card? Card is something that represent the monster itself, it can give some bonus and each monster has its own unique bonus. There are 3 types of card in this game which are White, Blue, and Yellow Grade card. So which one is better? Absolutely the yellow but they are much harder to get than regular card! Imagine, if the normal card has ridiculous drop rate, how about the best card in the game? I bet you are already figure it out. 

Ragnarok x next generation monster card

Let's discuss about white and blue card first. You can farm this card from normal monster on the field. That means we can farm them 24/7, do take note that if monster's level and our level difference is more than 3, we will receive penalty for EXP and Drop Rate. Knowing that 0,01% is the worse Drop Rate possibilities for card, if we only receive 10% drop from monster, that means the drop rate card is 0,001%! What a disgusting system indeed, but well, some players can get the card so it is not hopeless. You can check them all on market for their bonus.

Ragnarok x next generation mvp card

Yellow grade card aka the best card in game. You can only get them from Boss. MVP, Mini Boss, and Instance Boss. I am sure you did notice there are something like Day, Night, and Void. Even if the card has the name, but it actually different. For example GTB Day and GTB Void, it is different. The bonus is different too so better check them first before you decided to buy one. Because you can only buy them using Diamond, we all know how precious the diamond is.

Day, Night, and Void are refer to condition. You can the schedule for Day and Night time on MVP "?" mark. For Void, it is the weather. Let's say you want GTB Day, you need to defeat the GTB during day time to have a chance for its card. Get it now? Same with Night, for Void, open your world and wait for the Void situation. 

Yellow grade card provide the best bonus in-game so it will cost you a lot of diamonds. As you can see, those P2W players are fighting over it on Bid Wars. The cheapest one is around 50k diamonds and some can go over 100k diamonds! This is why we as F2P players shouldn't hope to use this yellow grade card. If we manage to get one, just sell it for Diamonds. You can exchange those Diamonds for Crystals, you can use Crystals to buy Blue grade cards or refine and upgrade your equipment.

Do take note that you can get White and Blue grade card from Gacha. The reason why I always recommend you to do COC Cat is for the card gacha coin. So you can slme free card every 3 days or you can save enough for the Blue one. It costs you more gacha coins though.

Alright, here is the most important thing. You know all drop from monster has chance so you have to make sure that you always get the drop. How to do that? You need to be the one who dealt the most damages and also last hit. These 2 conditions are needed to make sure you get the loot. Or else those drop will go the other players if their damages are higher than you. This is why refine and upgrade are important to do. Hunter and Knight have better chance due to their high ASPD. Assassin is not that good at early game!

So which one is better, solo or party? Actually solo is better because you will get all the drop and exp, and it won't shared to your partymate. So find a good spot where you are the only one who hitting the monster or you are confident enough to out damaged the other players. You can try to party but remember, all EXP and drop will be shared for all member in your party. 

Ragnarok x next generation odin's blessing

Using Odin's Blessing will make our drop rate better because of 5x increase. If you don't care about the level, you can use Odin to get better chance for the drop rate. When you Odin, better solo farm. Remember to find a good spot and AFK grind for a while. 

Okay, once you got a card, you can put them into your equipment. Weapon has 3 slot, armor has 1, accessories and talisman has 1 as well. And it is free, you don't need to make a slot for them except the headgear. You can wear 3 headgears but you need to make a slot so you can your card. It will cost a stone that costs 5000 Crystals and 200 Crystals for the fee. Just visit the NPC below to make a slot in Prontera.

Ragnarok x next generation headgear card

I hope this guide can help you understand about card better. No need to farm too much about it since the drop rate is ridiculous. Remember that 3rd job is more important. My current Job Level is 33 so it will took me like 17 days or maybe less than that to become a Lord Knight. Don't mind those P2W who already a 3rd job. What do you expect? They can 1 hit most monster in this game and they can farm 24/7 unlike us LMAO.

Happy Grinding...

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