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Fantasy Heroes: Legendary Raid

Fantasy hero legendary raid

A beautiful role play adventure awaits you in a Hack n Slash Action RPG. Fantasy Heroes: Legendary Raid is an addicting, colorful, adventure, fantasy RPG game made in the unique traditions of the Hack N Slash Action RPG genre.
This ARPG is very dynamic, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fantasy action RPG adventures.


◉ Control a whole group of heroes - Create your party from six possible heroes.

◉ High quality mobile graphics - Immerse yourself in this stunningly beautiful RPG world.

◉ Colorful battles - During the battle, even the most ordinary attacks will delight your eye with their visual effects.

◉ Roguelike & Adventure - Travel in this role-playing world both in open spaces and in closed caves, in which treasure will certainly be waiting for you.

◉ Improvement system for equipment, heroes and skills - Upgrade your characters, raise their levels, learn new talents and set char points. Do not forget to improve your equipment and upgrade the skills of your heroes.

◉ Beautiful, atmospheric music - If you are used to playing without sound on your phone, then you have a lot to lose. The soundtrack here is very beautiful, atmospheric and even meditative in places, but why should we write about it, it's better to hear it once than read about it a thousand times.

◉ Easy control - Your heroes will make main attacks without your participation. And you, as a real commander, the main thing is to use the special skills of your characters in time to change the course of battles in your favor.

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😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Fantasy Heroes: Legendary Raid
Free to Play
Login Support: Guest Account / Google Play
Genre: RPG
Require Internet: Offline
Language: English
Size : 171MB

Link Download 👇👇👇👇

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