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Mytale CBT


Mytale is a new MMORPG mobile game. Even though it is MMORPG but the movement is limited aka not 360. Also known as side to side game. To be honest it is more like hack n slash RPG game but since it is open world, they called it a MMORPG. Anyway, pretty fun to me so far if you are looking for fast combat game. 
CBT ends on 24th August. They called this Early Access but it is actually a CBT, confused me really. Hopefully, they won't delete the progress later.

Mytale mmorpg

Game Descriptions: 

Brave! Welcome to save this cute fairy tale style Horizontal world! Here you will experience:

Unlocked horizontal battle
Are you a domineering Warrior or an elegant Bard? Of the 5 classes, one of them will become your destiny. Throw yourself into a fast-paced, lock-free, hard-core horizontal battle!

Mytale class

Valkyrie Fit
The first Valkyrie Combat Mode, my friend, be my wings and fight together!

Real and free world
In this big world with real light, day and night changes, wind, frost, rain, and snow, you can go around for eating and traveling, from plains to forests, from deserts to bays, leaving your footprints and stories everywhere.

Evolution! Cute Pets!
Cute Water Pets, Cool Silver Wolf……Do you want to pet them to accompany you on your adventures? Then go find, tame, and train them all over the world and become a master of magical pets!

Rich Puzzle Gameplay
Who said that the brave must use force to solve problems? Brains can also show their talents. What? It turns out that this is a puzzle game with built-in horizontal combat?

Interesting multi-line plot
The main storyline and full dubbing, with mysterious and unpredictable endings. Your choice may not only change the fate of an NPC...find out the hidden clues, change the world line, and reach the GOOD ENDING in your heart!

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😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Free to Play
Login Support: Google play / Facebook / Guest Account
Require Internet: Online
Language: English
Size : 3,26GB

Link Download 👇👇👇👇

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