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Story of Hero: Lost Artifact

Story of hero lost artifact

Story of Hero: Lost Artifact is a new MMORPG mobile. Chinese MMORPG to be exact. Auto quest and battle so don't expect anything great from this game. Android only, there is no news for IOS release. Even though it is basically the same type of auto MMORPG, it always makes me want to play for a while. If you ran out of game to play, try this game.

Game Descriptions


Are you the Hero that we are waiting for? Story of Hero is a MMORPG Games with an open world system, Begin your journey to gather all of the Lost Artifact and become most powerful in the universe

◄ Key Features ►

Awakening of Sacred Artifact
There are a lot of Artifact that can bring an eternal power to your character, gather them all and be the strongest of all hero. 

Epic Massive War
Increase your power and participate in the Massive War in real time battle. Find your path to claim the throne and become the lord of your Alliance

Customize your Hero
There are a lot of costume that you can use, Choose the costume and .make yourself known as the fanciest hero.

Romantic Features
You don't have to fight alone by yourself, Find your partner and true love, Create your own romantic story

Choose your legendary Weapon
You can choose 4 weapon to determine your battle style. Own the Battlefield and become legendary Hero

Build your own legacy, Rewrite the Story of the Heroes

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😮 Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Story of Hero: Lost Artifact
Pay to Play
Login Support: Google play
Genre: RPG
Require Internet: Online
Language: English
Size : 1,58GB

Link Download 👇👇👇👇

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