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Elyon Has Six Classes For Official Launch

Elyon classes

Elyon will be released today and it is one of the best MMORPG PC in 2021. To be honest there are a lot of rumours around about Elyon being a heavily P2W, but, it doesn't mean this game is bad! If we ignore the P2W aspects, this game will an awesome MMORPG that can possibly rival New World. And Elyon is free!

Unlike other MMORPG these days, Elyon will release six classes which we can enjoy during Official Launch. What are they? Assassin, Elementalist, Gunner, Mystic, Warlord, and Slayer. They also provided a mass PVP, there will be a lot of fun as long as we avoid P2W Players haha.

Anyway, I will explain all of these classes a bit so you can choose the right one for your journey.


Elyon assassin

Assassin is the master of sneaking with huge damage. They are melee class, keep this in mind. They have some abilities that make them disappear from their enemies. With a lot of mobility, they will be one of the best 1 vs 1 class.


Elyon elementalist

They are mage in other game. That means, they use magic as their attack. They are able to use multiple elements such as 
arcane, fire, frost and lightning against their foes. Don't worry, they will at least have 1 mobility so they can escape dangers.


Elyon gunner

The only class who uses gun with cowboy-like style. They are ranged class with huge damaging skills! They are specialize in fire missiles, barrage their enemies, throw grenades, do powerful aimed shots, and suppress enemies with consistent bullet fire. If you want a modern class, then gunner is for you. Who needs magic?


Elyon mystic

The slav- Support. More like semi-support because they can also attack and support at the same time, so they are not useless at all when it comes to attacking. Their heal is the most useful one and also some skills that can stop enemies.


Elyon warlord

Oh yeah, the tank. It is a tank, what do you expect from them? They can absorb damage and also taunt enemies into attacking them. They are specialize in shield so most of their skills are shield-based. 


Elyon slayer

The warrior. If Warlord is the tank, then Slayer is the warrior with more damage. Looks like Slayer will be the most popular class because they tanky but with high damage. They use two-handed weapon and can destroy anything on his path.

Slayer and Elementalist look nice to me so I will probably one of them. So how about you? Which class you are going to play?

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