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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

Slime isekai memories tier list

Slime Isekai Memories just got released yesterday and with limited information! It is a gacha game and of course tier list is needed. Actually tier list is kinda pointless since you will ended up get everyone but with these tier list you can start the game with stronget line up, to make sure you can beat the game easier. This tier list will only filled with 5⭐ characters for both Battle and Protector characters.

Tips: if you can't get them, just simply look for 4⭐ characters which have similar abilities.

This is just a tier list based on Japan server but of course I do some research first. That is why I will share my favorite characters and why I chose them. So you can have a preference to build a decent party.

Let's star with Protector characters first. They are important because they are some kind of leader for your party that give various of advantages. And also, they have terrible gacha rate so I do recommend you to get through free gacha. Keep reroll until you get your desired protector. But there is one Battle Character that you need to get first! I will show you which one below, let's talk about protector first.

Protector Characters Tier List

Protector characters tier list

All 5⭐ Protector Characters are S Rank! Yeah, you read it right. Just look at the image above, the one with red outline is my favorite character. I will explain it why I chose them. So read their skills first and decide which one you need the most, before you read my preferences.

Why did I choose Elemental Colossus or Milim Nava? I prefer Elemental Colossus anyday. First of all, monsters in this game hit like truck. I did livestream yesterday and I am struggling to even bypass Chapter 2 Stage 8. Unbelievable! This is why I think surviving is the most important this. That is the reason why I picked these two.

S Rank Protector Tier List

  • Orc Disaster [Starved]
  • Ramiris [Fairy of the Labryrinth]
  • Ifrit [Burning Spirit]
  • Veldora Tempest [Storm Dragon]
  • Milim Nava [Bellicose Dragoneye] - Recommended
  • Charybdis [Swimming Calamity]
  • Elemental Colossus [Golem] - The Best Imo

Like I had mentioned above I prefer to use Elemental Colossus. Surviving is the most important thing and Element Colossus can give us that. It is this skill below:

Limit Break Lv.1:
Increases all allies' guard rate by 60% (Turns: 3). Increases all allies' counterattack rate by 60% (Turns: 2).

Guard Rate. Simple, your party will have a chance to block damage so your party can survive longer. And also the counterattack rate, that means we will have extra chance to attack our enemies when they attacked us. 

How about Milim Nava? Same. But she doesn't have the counterattack rate instead she has "Soul of Divine Protection Damage", it will make your party a bit tanky. 

All 5⭐ protector characters are good so it depend on your preferences. If you want more attack based party, then use something like Ifrit. Again you need to know your protector's element, and build around it. For example if I want to use Elemental Colossus, since it had Earth Element, then my main hitter must be Earth Element as well. So my main hitter will have some power boost for its earth elemental attack.

Battle Characters Tier List

Not all 5⭐ Battle Characters are S Rank. So I will divide them into S Rank and A Rank, but it is all about your preferences. But there is one character that you need to get no matter what, which Treyni. Why is she so good? A very good Healer and she will help you go through all the stage easily. If you want to reroll, for good battle character, get her first! 

Anyway, I will list down the S and A Rank Tier List. You can read the skills inside the game of you can visit this Site

S Rank Battle Characters Tier List

  • Treyni [Budding of Deep Green] - The Best
  • Beretta [Arch Golem]
  • Gazel Dwargo [King of an Armed Nation]
  • Hakurou [Instructor of Flashing Sword]
  • Shizue [Conqueror of Flames]
  • Milim Nava [Dragon Majin]

After what I had experienced during my livestream, monsters hit like a truck and we really need heal.

How to create a good party? 

In battle, we can only use 3 characters and 2 reserve characters. Those reserves character will enter the battle of our main team got defeated. So make some thing like this. 1 support is a must (Treyni), 1 debuffer (those who can give negative buff to enemies), 1 main hitter (DPS only), the rest is up to you.

Also read their passive and trait as well. For example Ranga, he will gain a boost if someone in your party use "Increase Crit Rate". So find a character that has this skill. It is all about synergy and how to take down the enemies fast. During the "Predator Mission", you need to survive long enough so you can eat the enemy. This is also the reason why I picked Elemental Colossus as my main Protector. The Guard Rate will make you last longer and Counterattack will fill the Predator chance faster. 

Or you can copy my plan build. 

  • Protector: Elemental Colossus
  • Main 1: Treyni (Supporter) 
  • Main 2: Hakurou (Debuffer) 
  • Main 3: Beretta (Main Hitter) 
  • Reserve: Gazel Dwargo, Milim Nava [Dragon Majin] (Secondary Hitter) 

How to play this build? Rely on Hakurou to give debuff and Beretta will deal with your enemies. Depend on your enemies' element, switch out Berettta to Gazel or Milim Nava for element advantages. Treyni will keep our party alive so it might good to focus on level up and awaken her so she can survive until the end of your battle. 

A Rank Battle Characters Tier List

You can use Rimuru Tempest [Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans] if you can't get Treyni, but seriously, get Treyni for Healer role. 

  • Shuna [Holy Princess]
  • Souei [Spy in Shadows]
  • Rimuru Tempest [Chancellor of Tempest]
  • Rimuru Tempest [Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans] - Healer
  • Benimaru [Samurai General of Hellfire]
  • Ranga [Tempest Star Wolf]
  • Milim Nava [One of Oldest Demon Lords]
  • Shion [Steel Annihilator]

You can build your party with A Rank Tier List too, it is all about your preferences. And you can ditch these tier list and build whatever you want. No need to focus on PvP(is this even exist? I didn't bother to look at it) which is pointless. Try to beat the game instead, the PvE side. 

To be honest my Youtube Channel is in Indonesian but you can use English if you want to. I do Livestream for this game at this moment, while waiting for a better game on November. Hope this guide helps you in some way, more to come! 

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