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Elysium Lost

Elysium lost

Elysium Lost has finally arrived! Now available worldwide! Elysium Lost has finally arrived! Now available worldwide! Medieval Fantasy MMORPG, Darkness before dawn.

Experience a medieval fantasy world with legendary narratives, large-scale wars, and explosive actions. As a Descendant of the Gods, how will you weave your legend?

Epic Adventure
  • Embark on an epic journey in an immersive medieval fantasy world.
  • Indulge in action-packed, thrilling gameplay with incredible graphics! 
Dual-Talent System
  • Enjoy different playstyles as you switch freely using the dual-talent system.
  • Create countless dynamic skill combos to defeat your enemies!
Cross-Server Battles
  • Partake in numerous exhilarating cross-server events and challenges!
  • Join players from all servers to compete for bountiful rewards!
Collect and Upgrade
  • Catch a plethora of pets on Pet Island!
  • Collect a wide range of mounts to keep you company on your exploration!
Territory War

Defend your territory and test your skills!
Claim your victory by destroying your opponents’ crystals!

Interested? Watch the gameplay first.

Elysium Lost
Free to Play
Login Support: Gmail
Require Internet: Online
Language:  English
Size : 1,03GB

Link Download  👇👇👇👇


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