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Lineage W Is A Disappointment?

Lineage w

Lineage W didn't do any Alpha Test and Closed Beta Test, and went straight to Grand Opening which is Official Launch. To be honest, it might be a good or bad thing. Just like today, they released this game in the middle of night but with so many problem especially the connection and login. 

In case you don't know what kind of game is Lineage W, it is a MMORPG Online Mobile Game. But forget about action, this game has less action due to their slow battle but probably focus more on the story side (I like the story so far especially the Mage's). Her story is so good to miss out!

Lineage W already followed how Korean MMORPG these day for Mobile platform. We need to buy skills! That is funny indeed, because some rare skills probably need to be bought using real money. I think they shouldn't do this because it is a terrible system for Free-to-play game. 

Let's talk about the movement. It is slow and sluggish! I don't mind the slow battle since we have seen worse system but the movement! At least make it smooth. This is why they need to do some test, now they already did 2 maintenances to fix some stuffs.

Anyway so far it is a good game if you forget about these things above.

Watch the gameplay below (Indonesian language). 

Lineage W
Free to Play
Login Support: Gmail / Facebook / Ncsoft
Genre: Action MMORPG
Require Internet: Online
Language:  English / Indonesia
Size : 5,3GB (Mobile), 7GB-ish (Purple)

Link download below! 

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