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Chimeraland is an open world sandbox RPG, in the game you will experience the following:

  • Great world exploration, a total of 4 continents over 9 billion square feet of maps for you to gather, hunt, treasure hunt and build homes
  • Hunting ancient strange animals, the big world will open up hundreds and thousands of years of strange animals for you to hunt materials for making artifacts and equipment, you can also capture them as pets and customize their appearance by devouring them in pairs
  • An unique copy, you can enter more than ten kinds of single-player and team copies carefully prepared for you by interacting with special furniture and large map scene elements to carry out various themed challenges
  • Unlimited PVP, Zhongshan Mainland will be open 24/7 for you to compete for PVP and resources in the wild.

Free to Play
Login Support: Gmail / Facebook
Genre: Sandbox RPG
Require Internet: Online
Language:  English
Mobile's Size: 8GB+
PC's Size: 10GB+

Interested? Watch the gameplay. 

Link Download Below


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