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Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Global Tier List

seven mortal sins x-tasy global tier list

Here is the global tier list for Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy. Keep this in mind that, some characters are not here yet. So the other tier list on my reroll guide is from other server. Why did I make that? So you can know that there will be new OP character you should get.

Anyway, here they are.

SS Tier

  • Furka - Dragonblade (DPS, Support)
  • Garcias - Twin Stars (Support)
  • Seere - Foxy Scryer ( DPS, Support)
  • Lucifer - Pride (DPS, Support)
  • Caillen - Braveheart ( Support)
  • Asmodeus - Lust (DPS, Support)
  • Stolas - Windblade (DPS)
  • Belphegor - Sloth (DPS, Support)
  • Clarice - Hermit (DPS, Support)

S Tier

  • Aura - Calamity (DPS)
  • Anastasya - Rebith (DPS)
  • Kay - Gunslinger (DPS, Support)
  • Noona - Lightning Rider (DPS, Control)
  • Shalimar - Flourish Weaver (Support, Control)
  • Marilu - The undaunted (DPS)

You should try to get characters from SS tier first because they are better. In fact, you can use unlimited summon during tutorials to get character like Furka, Garcias, even Seere. You can get the rest from normal gacha. Keep this in mind that this tier list is nothing but only to speed up your early progress.

There will be more characters in the future especially for Satan and Gabriel, those two are a must to get if you planned to dominate the PVP. I won't discuss about the rest since they are not worth to mention, so just focus on this two tier list.

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