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Upcoming Rainbow Six Mobile CBT

Rainbow six mobile cbt sign up

Many PC/Console's brand started to make mobile games, and Rainbox Six Mobile is one of the them. Develop by Ubisoft and they planned to do the CBT on May 3th, 2022. But, not all can join because we need to register.

Simply head to https://rainbowsixmobile.com/signup and register there. But you need an Ubisoft account, so make one first and verify your account. After that you can just fill in their survey and choose your platform (Android/iOS).

Will this game bring a new era to mobile game? I doubt Rainbox Six Mobile can do it because we are in RPG/MMORPG era right now. But it is nice to have a good FPS game which is not generic plant the bomb or defuse it. 

In case you don't know, Rainbow Six Mobile is a defend and attack game. There are some characters you can pick with different abilities for both attacker and defender. I suggest you to learn the characters a bit before you head into the match. 

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