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Dislyte Reroll Guide

dyslite reroll guide tier list

Dislyte is an RPG Mobile Game based on heroes from four different mythologies. Fun game so far but, the Global/SEA will be released on 10th May, 2022. You can try the other server but it is better to wait since we will get better ping for better gameplay. If you want to play right now, so be it because I heard they won't reset the progress.

You can read my Dislyte Tier List Guide to know which characters that you might want to get next other than this reroll tier list.

Same with other games where gacha is the key. But unfortunately, reroll in Dislyte is not that friendly. Because we can only get 1x gacha after we spent some time into the chapters, unlike other games'. So it doesn't provide enough free currency at first. But it is still possible.

In order to get enough currency to pull 10x gacha, we need to complete the chapters up to chapter 4. It will take us an hour or so, depend on how fast you clear them. Don't forget to complete some stages in the Cube Miracles for more golden records, you can spend them on Union Shop later.

So how to reroll?

Before we do the roll, all you need is to spend your currency to gacha. Just open the gacha feature and then use the 10 Golden Records for the 10x pulls, don't worry you will get a legendary Esper no matter what.  If your gacha is not good enough, then do the reroll.

  1. Launch the game
  2. Tap on the Profile Icon in the top-left corner of the home screen. 
  3. Tap on “Settings” in the lower-right corner. 
  4. On the settings menu, head to the “Services” tab.
  5. Tap on the “Initialize Account” under the ‘Account Service’ section. 
  6. When you tap the Initialize account button, a new screen will appear where you will find a code and an input box.
  7. Enter the code in the input box. 
  8. Tap the “Confirm” button (Note: you can only reset 3 times)
  9. This will reset the current progress and takes you to the log-in screen, and then you can start over.
How about the reroll tier list?

Remember that reroll tier list is different from the actual tier list. So keep this in mind!

Rank SS
  • Gabrielle 
Rank S
  • Unas
  • Sally
  • Lin Xiao
Rank A
  • Clara
Note: You can put Clara in S Tier List but I think it is better to put her into A instead.

Is it worth to reroll? Depend. If you want a good headstart then do it. It is time consuming so I am kinda against it. But if you got some free time, then do it. Aim at least Gabrielle for easier farming early on. Want to play Dislyte on PC? Click here.

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