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Some Beginners Tips Before You Play Ragnarok V: Returns

Ragnarok v returns beginners guide

Ragnarok V: Returns is the newest Open World MMORPG Online Mobile Game that will offer a classic Ragnarok back to life! Their previous game is called Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising and it is a PC game. But since they terminated the service, they made a mobile version instead and that is how we will have another MMORPG to spend 24 hours grinding.

Ragnarok V: Returns Classes

There are only 5 classes right now which are Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, and Merchant. All classes have their advanced class to pick later for stronger skills and stats. The system is almost the same where we can freely distribute the stats to suit our playstyle. Ever heard of Battle Priest? It is possible in Ragnarok Online.

I won't fret too much on PVP because it is meh, let's just focus on PVE instead. From my Ragnarok Mobile experiences, their PVP system is not good at all and this game's will be the same. Take this critique and improve your PVP system, there is no balance between P2W and F2P when it comes to PVP. It is not that hard to make a fair battle!

So in this article, I will give you some insights on what to expect later and also some tips while we are at it. Pretty straight simple game because all you need is to finish dailies but you need some extra attention to some things for maximum leveling. Yes, it is a grinding game so ready your Emulator for all-night grinding!

Ragnarok V: Returns Market Is All About Freedom

One thing you should know about Ragnarok Online is its market. You can freely set up your stall and sell your stuff at your desired price. Unlike other Ragnarok Mobile Games where they let the system control everything including the price, Ragnarok V: Returns won't do that.

You can open your stall and sell them in town, just like the original Ragnarok Online.

But, another problem will be there for you to figure out. The price! We don't know the real value of certain items so you need to spend more time to find the best offer you can get. Especially if you decided to do RMT, you must do your research before you buy or sell.

There are 3 currencies you can get right now:

  • Zeny from killing monsters, quests, events, etc
  • Diamond from achievements, dailies mission, etc
  • Ruby from top-up
Since RMT is possible, getting some rubies from players will be so much easier because we can trade between players.

Quests and Missions

Before you start grinding, finish all of your Quests and Missions! Why? They can give you a lot of experiences and stuffs especially the skill book. We need a skill book to level up your skill. We can farm from monsters but the chance is low, that is why doing these quests and missions will give us a little boost for our skills.

We need to finish Daily and Weekly missions as well because that is how we can get more diamonds. This game got gacha, if you want to get better Mercenary, you might want to regularly finish all of them for some freebies.

Mount and Mercenary

They called it a pet but calling it a mount is better because you can't use them to fight but only to ride them. It is important to get a better mount because they also give you more stats to add to your characters. Keep this in mind we have a pet dungeon to farm free pets so maximize those first before you start to spend for the gacha.

Mercenary is like a pet but they can fight. They also have some skills to use and they shared experiences with you because they do have the level. We can level them up using items but it is better to let your character grind all night to get free experiences.

Again before you spend for better mercenaries on gacha, we will get some free mercenaries and they are good. The Mercenary system is great for solo players like me, it might be hard to get the best mercenary due to the low chance but it is still possible.

Life Skills

Life Skills are not a must thing to do even if we don't want to do them, it won't stop our character's progress. Ragnarok X is an example of how bad life skills are because you need them to upgrade your character. But in Ragnarok V: Returns it is okay to not do them. Again, if you got free time, it might be nice to do all of them for more stuff to sell.

Grinding System

What kind of Ragnarok game without grinding? Grinding is a must. You can get a lot of items besides experience, especially zeny and card. They do have the auto-battle so it is easier to combine them with mercenaries for an all-night grinding.

You can just open your map and select an area around your level then go there. Unless you want to farm specific monsters for specific drops. Make sure to stack some potions and do not farm higher-level monsters except if you had good items. 

MVP and Dungeon System

MVP will be hard to farm due to a lot of top-up players but it is not like you can ignore it. Just participate for some rewards or you can form a party and try to maximize your damages against MVPs. There are 5 MVPs at this moment and will randomly spawn after the last kill.

There many different dungeons we can enter every day. Always do all of them and never skip them because that is how you farm your resources. Check its level of recommendation, you can fail and waste the chance if you die inside. 

Mentor System

Find some high leveled character or you can just use your other account for that. When you join the mentor system, you will be rewarded while leveling and your mentor will give get mentor coins. Find an active player because you can ask them to farm together at the party too.

Is it heavily P2W? I don't think so if we compare Ragnarok V: Returns to other Ragnarok Mobile but it still has P2W. For example mercenary and card. Yes, we can gacha for the cards and they will give use some traits or stats. Definitely, P2W since it is hard to get cards from normal drops.

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